Poised For A Miracle

Are you at the end, maybe even the end of yourself? It may be a good place to be. You might be Poised for a Miracle. Sometimes we become stagnant in our walk. We get in a comfort zone. It seems that it is our nature to remain in these comfort zones, however, if we stay in them we cannot continue to grow and mature. POISED FOR A MIRACLE…

If we take a look at the eagle, we can get a better picture. The eagle usually builds its nest on a high and treacherous cliff or in trees. It is usually a frightening view for the little baby birds. The adult birds provide everything until the young ones are old enough and it is time to get out of the nest, the comfort zone. Then the adult eagles start tearing the nest apart until the young eagles have no choice but to launch out and fly on their own. Will they make it before they hit the ground? I know that if I was that high up, it would scare me. They have to trust and spread their wings and fly. This portion of their journey in life is now over and they must move on if they are going to survive.

It is the same with us. There are times of comfort and healing. There are times of staying in one place, maybe even for a time to help others. Then there is that inevitable moment when the comfort zone disappears. “God, what are you doing to me?” or “What did I do?” is a typical response. However, it may be something as simple as, “It’s time to move on and to go higher with your life.” If these times are occurring in rapid succession, you might be in a period of rapid ascension. We have to keep in mind that these times are not punishment but rather, a season of going higher.

Now is the time He has your focus and you are ready to hear and see. You are in a place where you are more willing to launch out because there is no other way to go. If you don’t launch out you are destined for failure and loss. It’s not a bad place to be, but rather a place to adventure and go on to a better place. So listen, keep your eyes open and discover what is on its way to you. It may come from, and usually does, a place you least expect it. Don’t try to preconceive what will happen. Simply let it come to you as you continue to do what you know to do.

Peace to you my friend. May His grace empower you to continue on and His faith well up in you so that you can soar above everything that is trying to keep you down. May you be filled and continually be being filled with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Walk in the power of His anointing.

Do What Father's Doing - Artwork and Quote by Joseph James

Joseph James

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e truth you are looking for. May you live your life in the blessings of His grace, mercy, love, peace and truth.

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