Upcoming SDDL Movie Project

During the 26+ years of our marriage, Janiece and I, (+Daniel since his birth), have ministered and traveled to where the Lord directed to help others. This had us criss-crossing the USA numerous times over the years. Now, we’re getting her story into a movie. Some of you are part of the story and are included in it. Others of you are part of that story to some degree and know what I’m talking about.

We now have an actor who is going to play the part of Janiece for the short film we are doing to pitch to the film festivals, hopefully early next year.
Gin, Janiece’s mom, had me promise her that I’d write her biography when we announced our engagement to them. 17 years later, after a lot of research and documentation, I finished it. Unfortunately, she never got to see it as she passed 5 years earlier. She was such a special lady and I know she’s watching from Heaven.

Janiece’s story has touched many lives and she’s ministered to so many. In the next few days, the fundraiser will be live for the movie. We need your help to spread the word of this movie so that we have multitudes ready to see it when it premieres. There are rewards for those who can help financially and we’ll also do advertising spots for businesses and organizations.

We’ll be giving updates on the websites and fb page. A close friend of mine tells me that he’s been talking to a megastar actor/producer in Hollywood who is interested in it. I’m not sure how it’s going to get done, but we are moving forward. I’m not waiting on anyone because the Lord has pressed me to keep going. Whoever wants to be a part of this will come on board. Talk is cheap! Action opens doors!

Yes, we are on the road again and not by choice. Some of you know the story with the black mold in San Antonio as we tried to have a base for the first time in a long time.

In addition to the movie, I am producing two new music albums with the new songs He gave me in the last 2 months. This time, I want help. I’ve produced the others by myself. So, we are looking at Nashville to hire some musicians and record in a professional studio.

All of this is for Such A Time As This! (It’s the title of one of my newest songs.) If you’d like to be a part of something big to bring serious change to our nation and perhaps parts of the world, (to our friends in the UK, Australia, and South Africa), please help. We are a family, connected by the Holy Spirit to help all of His people find their God-given dreams, so that we can connect to help one another fulfill them. We’ll be doing this from the stages across the globe. Let it be said of our generation, “We did what He wrote about us!” Then we handed the baton on to the next generation. Let’s leave a bright legacy in the midst of all of this darkness.

Thank you in advance for your prayers, help and support. Please share. Let’s have over 1 million people ready to see this movie…

SDDL Movie FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/SDDLMovie/

SDDL Website: https://www.sentencedtodeathdestinedforlife.com

JJ Songs, Books, Tour Site: https://www.joseph-james.net



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Sentenced To Death Destined For Life Movie Project | Joseph James

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Locked Inside Her Prison

On November 28, 2015, I awakened early in the morning with the first verse of a new song. The morning before I awakened the same way. I was able to finish each song in about an hour. The first is called, FLY FROM HERE, and this new one is called LOCKED INSIDE. I didn’t realize it at the time I was writing it that it was going to portray my wife, Janiece’s journey. Yesterday, I finished the video and it is now available to see on YouTube and/or purchase and download from my Bandcamp artist page. This song is unique in the fact that I was able to take her miraculous story and highlight it throughout the just under 4 minute song. LOCKED INSIDE HER PRISON… Read more

Helping Those Who Need Help

We have ministered in 8 public meetings here in Colorado Springs since May with our JOURNEY TO HOPE! public meetings and have another one at 7pm this Friday, August 23, at Wellsprings Worship Center. We have listened to feedback from those who have attended the meetings and have produced a 7 DVD series called JOURNEY TO HOPE! in response to their comments and concerns. The main resounding comments we are hearing are concerning mainly churches. Read more


After two weeks of filming and editing, we have now produced the JOURNEY TO HOPE! 7 DVD Series with Janiece Turner-Hartmann. We published her biography, SENTENCED TO DEATH, DESTINED FOR LIFE! in July 2011. The biography gives certain details about her life and documents her journey through some of the greatest miracles in our generation. In the JOURNEY TO HOPE! DVD Series, Janiece identifies with 7 major struggles in her life, relates to each one and shares how she made it through victoriously. This series was designed to help individuals identify with and overcome in these areas in their lives. It also helps others to identify with people who are going through some of these struggles in their life and perhaps gain some understanding in order to be able to help and encourage them along the way. Read more

Enter The Miraculous

In a season of great uncertainty, people’s hearts are failing in fear, suicides are rampant, and yet there are those who are forging ahead in miracles and faith. One, it’s about hearing the truth and taking notice. Two, it’s about taking that truth and establishing it in one’s life. But how does one hear? How can one know? By listening to someone who has gone through situations and found it. Wisdom cries from every street, but who are those who will hear? ENTER THE MIRACULOUS! Read more

Joseph & Janiece on Liberated Living Radio Show

Janiece and I were recently invited to share her story on the  radio show “Liberated Living” with Chicago radio host Eliakim Thorpe. The show was recorded and aired this month and is now archived on the Liberated Living Radio page. Her story has touched so many lives already and we know there are many more so we are doing what we can to spread the word. “SENTENCED TO DEATH, DESTINED FOR LIFE – THE JANIECE TURNER-HARTMANN STORY! Read more