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The Movie Project

Get REWARDS by participating in our GoFundMe Project for the New Movie and be Entered into a Special Drawing at the end of the Project for Special Prizes and Gifts.

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Joseph James and his producer, Amanda Kallander are now in pre-production for the short film for SENTENCED TO DEATH, DESTINED FOR LIFE The Movie! They start filming the short film in May 2022. They are raising funds and finding investors for the full length movie, $5 million. We are building a fan base of 5 million folks by the time the full length movie releases, Target Release 2024. Help us in the journey and get some special rewards along the way.

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PLEASE NOTE: The SDDL Limited Edition Color Book is only available until we fund the movie or premiere it. Then it will be removed and a different color edition in its place. This Limited Edition is only for those who purchase the book now and/or help in the fundraiser. We wanted to give something special to those who help us in this project.  So, get yours now on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or get the Special Autographed & Numbered Copies available for those who donate $100 or more. Donate any amount to get put into the special drawing at the end of the fundraiser. Prizes to be announced soon.


1A. Purchase the SDDL Limited Edition, Color Biography at Amazon or Barnes & Noble at the link Below. ($24.99) Read it and spread the word about her story and the movie to everyone you know. Amazon | Barnes & Noble

1B. Purchase the SDDL Limited Edition, Color Biography from one of our SDDL Reps., participating Fundraising Groups, Book Signings, Speaking Events, or at one of Joseph James Concerts/Shows. ($35.00)

2. Donate $100 or more to the SDDL Fundraising Project website and receive your Limited Edition, Color Biography, Autographed and Numbered. This is the only way to get both, Autograph and Numbered Copy.

3. Become a Sponsor for $1000, get your name, organization, business, service, church, ministry, etc. advertised in the credits of the movie and on the SDDL and Tour Website with your link.

4. Become an Investor in the movie, Individually or as a Group, at $10,000 or more.

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