Locked Inside Her Prison

On November 28, 2015, I awakened early in the morning with the first verse of a new song. The morning before I awakened the same way. I was able to finish each song in about an hour. The first is called, FLY FROM HERE, and this new one is called LOCKED INSIDE. I didn’t realize it at the time I was writing it that it was going to portray my wife, Janiece’s journey. Yesterday, I finished the video and it is now available to see on YouTube and/or purchase and download from my Bandcamp artist page. This song is unique in the fact that I was able to take her miraculous story and highlight it throughout the just under 4 minute song. LOCKED INSIDE HER PRISON…

I created this website to encourage others who are going through really traumatic times and situations and might be on the verge of losing hope altogether. It is my hope that this song will become another tool in the battle against depression and suicide. It is my hope that many will share the links to this song and/or buy it to share with their loved ones and friends who need encouragement to help believe that the Lord does care, He does see, and He wants to help with His miracle working power.

I am including the lyrics below with this post so that you can sing along with it. Sometimes the greatest prison in our lives that we need to get out of is our thought processes and ways of thinking. Jesus can help, if we dare/choose to let Him.


LOCKED INSIDE w/m Joseph James © ℗ 11.28.15 All rights reserved.

Locked inside her prison
With no key to unlock the door.
The prison isn’t made of steel or stone,
It’s only thoughts inside her head, thoughts inside her head.

[Chorus 1]
Fear and pain, bruised and hurt,
Broken heart, anger and hate,
Tearing her up inside… Tearing her up inside…

Won’t trust anyone to help,
Wicked thoughts come rushing in,
No one can hear how loud she screams,
‘Cause her throat won’t utter a sound… won’t utter a sound.

The Lord is just outside
With the key to unlock the door.
She must trust to let Him in and help
To bring her peace and rest at last… peace and rest at last.

[Chorus 2]
Love and peace, rest and joy,
Healing heart, grace and truth
Healing her up inside… Healing her up inside… Healing her up inside… Healing her up inside.

© ℗ 2015 All rights reserved. Joseph James | VaryMedia

released December 7, 2015
Words/Music – Joseph James
Performed by Joseph James
All Instruments – Joseph James
Produced by Joseph James | VaryMedia
VaryMedia Studios

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Joseph James


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