How can we win the battles and keep the victory? Why does it seem when we take one step forward, we go three backward? How can we stand our ground and gain the victory? We need to understand a few things in order to go from victory to victory instead of defeat. Dreams are created to accomplish not to fall short. Winning The Battles!

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The battle begins in the spirit realm before it ever manifests in the natural. If we don’t take care of things there first, we’ll not get the victory, at least not for any real length of time in the natural. It astounds me as to the number of Christians who only battle in the natural. (Come on let’s fights, let’s throw a few words around here and there! And get nowhere except more hurt!) Sometimes the enemy has a right to take from folks, because they have given him that right by their own words and/or actions, and sometimes through an ancestral curse.

The Lord’s not punishing them. He wants to help them, but is bound by their unforgiveness, their own negative words, and lack of understanding. Without repentance and forgiveness, it doesn’t matter how many scriptures we quote- we’re wasting our breath. Fight the good fight of faith against the false and pursue that which is true. Cut the devil’s legs out from under him in the spirit and then we’ll have the victory in the natural.

The Gospels are all about the spiritual battles. Sometimes folks had to be delivered from demons before the healing would manifest. But how many folks want to go there? I didn’t create the battle lines, but if we’re going to get the victories we want, then we have to change, because the Lord’s not going to change the rules. He’s given us His authority to walk here on earth, to rule and reign over our lives and that which is ours, and to bring peace. How are we doing as His body?

If we’re not around those who really teach the truth and walk in it, perhaps it’s time to change some things. Victory and blessings are there for the taking. The Lord has so much waiting for us that it is beyond our comprehension, yet so many walk in so little. If we don’t read the Bible and spend time with the Holy Spirit who gives us revelation on what we read, we are wasting our time thinking we’re going to make it without the Lord. He’s the One who planned it all. Doesn’t it just make sense that He has a plan for us, a good one, one to prosper us?

Blessings and favor in your journey,
Joseph James

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