FLY FROM HERE Song | Lyrics by Joseph James

FLY FROM HERE Song | Joseph James – Are you going through some tough times? Has someone left you abruptly and it has torn your heart in two? Perhaps, your heart is so broken you don’t even want to go on. I found myself in that place many times in my life where I wanted to give up, but then help came to me. It can for you as well. Don’t give up in the storm, there is a greater plan for your life. Take the place where you landed and FLY FROM HERE! (Lyrics below Video)

FLY FROM HERE Lyrics by Joseph James

You tell me you love me. You tell me you care.
You tell me it’s over, life is not fair.
You found someone new. You’re leaving tonight.
Goodbye my love, gotta catch this flight.

Ooooh, What will I do?
Ooooh, Where can I go?

My thoughts are all scattered, can this be real.
My Life doesn’t matter, it’s so surreal.
A light in this darkness, is calling me near.
I must get up now, I can’t die right here. I can’t die right here.
[Last Time] I must get up now, I will fly from here. I will fly from here.

I must stay focused, my heart ripped in two.
My God, my God, you must see me through.
The dream You gave, lies shattered and torn,
Now is the time, to weather this storm.

One day at a time, I must find my way.
My life is not over, ‘cause they went astray.
This storm will pass, I will not fear.
Now is the time, I will fly from here.

© & ℗ 2015 All rights reserved. Joseph James [Hartmann] | VaryMedia

The Lord brought me through many difficult storms and He will for you as well. Just call out to Him for help and you’ll discover He’s already right next to you to help. It may not be easy, but you won’t be alone in the journey. Check out this website, my other songs on my YouTube channel and my books and Follow Your Dreams Tour, for more encouragement. Blessings to you as you continue to press on to your dreams. Fly From Here and soar like an eagle above the storms in life.

This song is on streaming services as part of my two albums, Angel On The Way & So Beautiful. Search for it on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Music and more.

Blessings and favor in your journey,
Joseph James

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