Getting Through The Night

It’s difficult to see in the dark without some kind of light, that is for sure. Sometimes the night is simply a time to rest for the morning to come. Fear is the enemy of rest, because it can bring stress, worry, doubt and all of that other stuff. The night is necessary though, it helps in the reset process.

Alaska Border | Follow Your Dreams Tour | Joseph James

(Alaska Border | Alaskan Highway @ approx. 11:30 pm 07.03.17 | Follow Your Dreams Tour | Joseph James)

During our trip to Alaska from Texas last year, we experienced what it was like without night. The Yukon and Alaska both experience days in the summer without dark. We were visiting with friends in Homer, Alaska one evening and at one point, decided to look at the clock. We were amazed that it was almost midnight, yet you couldn’t tell by looking outside. We could see clearly across Kachemak Bay to the Kenai Mountains on the other side with the glaciers. It was an incredible sight. See the photo below I took just after 8 pm that evening. The main problem we had was getting sleep. The place we are staying had black out curtains, but they had to be closed just right or the light would come in.

Kachemak Bay, Homer, AK | Follow Your Dreams Tour | Joseph James

(Kachemak Bay, Homer, AK | 06.29.17 Approx. 8:30 pm | Follow Your Dreams Tour | Joseph James)

It was definitely easier to drive the Alaskan Highway and make better time because it was always light, but it was difficult to get enough rest in the journey. Our body and brain wanted to keep going, but we knew we had to sleep or we were going to be exhausted, which happened anyway. Sleep is vital and so is the night. The photo above is of me at around 11:30 pm crossing the Alaskan border into the Yukon on our way back. It was surreal.

Even in our spiritual walk, it is important to have night, a time, a season of rest. It’s just a time of pulling away and getting our spirit recharged for the coming day, season, which seems to come faster than we want. Sometimes we fight the night and the rest thinking we have done something wrong, but knowing and being aware of the times and seasons, we can take advantage of the night season to be ready when the morning breaks.

I hope this encourages you and helps to bring some understanding. Blessings in your journey. If you can help us in our outreaches, please check out the information below. We travel and minister all over the place in speaking, concerts and soon, theatrical productions. It’s time to help folks to live and make it through the temporary storms that come their way.

Blessings and favor in your journey,
Joseph James

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