Joseph James writes some of his music to encourage folks going through tough times to keep on going and follow their dreams. His music is now available on Amazon, digitally and in CD’s, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, iHeart and more as well as on YouTube in his videos.


Angels are all around us as well as demons. They interact with our prayers and sometimes we get to see them. The power of prayer and the angels can change destinies helping us get through things miraculously.


This song illustrates the miraculous journey of my wife, Janiece. What incredible miracles by a God who works mighty miracles. Nothing is impossible for Him! I’ve written her biography, Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life and now I have the privilege of writing and dedicating this song to her. It tells her story in about 4 minutes. LOCKED INSIDE a prison not made of steel and stone, but with thoughts that are sometimes stronger… After all hope was lost, the Lord stepped in, set her free and healed her completely.


Sometimes we get lost in the crowd and sometimes the crowd are our friends. There is someone special though who sees us even when we are all alone inside our self. He loves us and He really does have our heart in His hands. Remember, we are never really alone.


Joseph wrote this song to provide some choices along the way to suicide. What choice will we make? What choice will our friends make? Will we be able to recognize the signs and be able to help? Pass this song along to your friends. Sometimes we don’t know how close those around us are to ending it all. It can happen in an instant, the result of some sudden traumatic change in a life. Choose life!


At A Table For Two is one of my favorite of the songs I’ve written over the years. With our new studio, I was now able to finally able to record it the way I wanted it to sound. The song begins with a lady sitting at a table for two, looking out across the ocean while waiting expectantly for her lover to meet her. The time drags on and she begins to wonder if he will ever come, until she sees a light on the ocean. Is it him? What could have happened? Romance, expectancy… I hope you enjoy it.