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I’M SORRY | Joseph James | LYRICS & CHORDS

This song is so unlike many of my other songs. It’s a message from beyond the grave to loved ones caught in the horrible path of its devastation. There is hope! There is a way through it all! There is healing!

Out of having ministered to, counseled many who were either contemplating suicide or someone who lost someone to it’s ugly claws, this song was born. The devastation left behind for family, friends, and acquaintances to have to unexpectedly deal with, is sometimes so overwhelming that it shatters many more lives in its wake. The morning after one such conversation with one of my Lyft riders in San Antonio, Texas, who had recently lost a dear friend to suicide, these lyrics were born, so I walked down to the patio of the hotel with my guitar, wrote them down and added the music.


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It is my hope that this song goes out to all who need to hear its message, that the beautiful video footage I filmed from here in Colorado Springs, Colorado might help bring some peace, so that those who might be contemplating can possibly see what will happen and help change their mind, and for those who’ve lost someone perhaps the healing can begin. The words are to the point, penetrating, and many of them I’ve had to use in counseling. We need to stop the damage. We need to share the hope. Help me spread the message and perhaps we can all be a part of the solution.

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Thank you so much.
Joseph James

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I’M SORRY w/m Joseph James – © 06.07.21 LYRICS & CHORDS

G                                                                                            C        G
Good morning my love, I’m sorry I caused you such pain.
G                                                                                             C       G
Now there’s nothing I can do to find my way back to you.
G                   D                                   C                                  G
You see it’s over now and there’s no coming back for me.
D                                        C         D             G         C
I didn’t know it then, I couldn’t see beyond the pain.

C                                        D                                          C
I want to see you smile!   I want to see you live!
I want to see you dream!    I want to see you love!
G                      C                       G                 C
Oh this pain that you feel is like the pain that I felt,
G                                        D
But now I can see there is a way you can make it through,
G                          C                     D                      G       C D C D G
So know that I am near and I’m cheering you on!

G                                                                                              C       G
I can see you now. There are tears running down my face.
G                                                                                            C        G
No, there’s nothing you could do. It was my choice alone.
G                D                                   C                           G
If you can hear me now. Please go on with your life.
D                                         C                D       G       C
You need to follow your dreams and know that I am near.

G                                                                                   C              G
I hope that you can see. I hope that you can forgive me.
G                                                                                      C       G
It wasn’t your fault, and you need to forgive yourself.
G               D                                            C                        G
I want to see your smile, to see you live and love again.
D                                 C                D         G       C
Don’t let what’s happened to me, destroy your life as well.


D      G                          C                     D                      G
So know that I am near and I’m cheering you on!

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