SDDL Book Testimonies

“Something we remember about Janiece is how God changed her whole countenance. Her facial features were changed to totally feminine in just a few short months. It was awesome to see God in action.”

Jerry & Lu Tipton

“My heart went out to Janiece from the minute I first met her. She was broken, incredibly timid and ruled by fear. She had been through a lot, and didn’t trust easily, yet she wanted to know her Lord so badly that she hung onto Him with all her might. She knew that Jesus was her only hope for love and happiness, and she stayed close to anyone in the church who showed her His love, and who would be willing to help her heal and grow in her relationship with Him.”

“My fondest memories are when she would come to my house just to be with me, ask questions, talk about God or sit and read Christian books from my book collection. I loved having her around. Her tenacious love for Jesus and her passion for knowing Him often convicted me. I was supposed to be mentoring her, but the purity of her love for Him constantly reminded me that loving the Lord is all that really matters. She exuded ‘˜first love’, the kind of love that God often calls us to return to.”

“I have had the privilege of watching her mature and transform into the woman of God she is today, and her story still touches my heart.”

Deborah Nazemi


“In 1991, I was working at Villa Rosa, an adult psych facility. I worked the ‘pool’ so I was usually on a different unit each day. One day I met Janiece. She had short hair, baseball cap, white t-shirt, old jeans, tennis shoes, and a look on her face that said, ‘Leave me alone! Don’t talk to me! I hate your guts!’ I don’t remember much more about Villa Rosa except that I worked on her unit a few times and we talked. A few weeks later, I ran into her at church, (San Antonio Christan Fellowship). She still had the ball cap, t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes, but the ‘I hate your guts!’ look was gone. I think in its place was a look that said, ‘˜Oh crap, it’s that guy.’ I was glad to see her, but didn’t think much of it at the time. The next Sunday, I noticed the ball cap was gone! Each Sunday after, something else was different. Her physical appearance and her countenance were changing. Then, one Saturday, she walked into church, her hair was fixed, she was wearing a dress, her face was glowing, and Joseph was walking with her. The two of them were holding hands and had these ‘cute little smiley faces’. (Their wedding) It was a very moving sight. Puts a smile on my face. I know this is quite long, but I needed to write it and relive it. My testimony is simple: When needed the most, and expect it the least, God shows how special we are.”

Jim Autry

“Janiece would always encourage me and be so happy to see me. She had a big smile on her face for everyone and her love for God was and is so obvious. She is a good role model of showing the love of Jesus to those around her.”

Catherine Turner

“I have only known Janiece for a few years. In Christian fellowship groups it is sometime difficult to get to know people really well. Everyone, out of consideration for one another, tends to have a concept of church and the unspoken code of conduct. I am a rebel of sorts and have become less inhibited as I grow older. I can think of several times when I was a little bit outside the norm and could have been misunderstood by some, but not by Janiece. Janiece never misunderstands me, but to the contrary, she gets me. She is always positive and encouraging. She never fails to mention her love for me and remarkably, I believe it as truth. I think this truth she shares with everyone. What a powerful impartation of God’s love.”

Vicky Beauchamp

“I have known Janiece and Joseph since 1994. I had heard some of her testimony and attended their wedding. Until I read the book I didn’t know the rest of the story. If you have had doubts about what God can or will do, this book will change your mind. In every area Janiece gives the glory, honor and victory to our Lord Jesus Christ for her healing, deliverance and restoration. This is a story of love; Janiece’s love for God and God’s love for His children.”

Pat Navarro

“What a blessing and privilege to have Janiece in my life as a friend and sister in Christ. It has been an amazing journey over the years to witness the transformation of a woman in body, mind and spirit, through the mercy, grace and healing of Jesus Christ and the tenacity of a woman, who refused to stop short of all that God had for her. I am reminded of God’s word in Romans 12:10-12 that describes Janiece’s heart so well. ‘Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. I praise God and share in your excitement with the completion of this book, prayerful that God’s powerful healing, mercy, and unconditional love be revealed to all who read it.”

Christa Edwards

“Janiece is a true wonder of the miraculous power & love of God the Father. He gave her life back after she had almost died and began a gradual process of restoration. She had to learn to see herself as a woman, a person of value, and one that had been completely forgiven of her past. The Church women began to work with her and the Lord blossomed her inner man into a beautiful rose, full of compassion and mercy for others, a zeal for God and a passion for a full and rich life. The work of Christ continues, her humility, patience with new believers and servant heart are the real treasures of life that Pastors and the people of God long to see develop and mature in His children. She is a true treasure of the faithfulness of our loving Father in Heaven and she will always have the respect and admiration of my family, the Church she serves and of her family.”

Mike Paxton

“I first met Janiece in the 80’s. I was a server at a Jim’s Restaurant. She would come in at lunch time after her doctor appointment. At first all the servers were scared of her. She was a scared little girl who was badly hurt. They never gave her a chance. I remember asking her what happened to her arm. She told me. Many years later she walked back in my life a different person. She had found a better life for herself, a wonderful man, and a beautiful son. Her whole life changed for the better. She found God and he changed her life. You would not know it was the same person.”

P.J. Ramos

Janiece Turner-Hartmann & Deborah Ursell

“Giggles, playing, sharing secrets, late night talks, exploring life’s events, and being best friends come with sharing a bedroom while growing up.”

“We came so very close to losing you.”

“Praise God! Through His grace, here we are still doing the same thing.”

“I love you, my precious sister.”

Deborah Turner-Ursell

“When I first saw Janiece, I knew she was a very troubled young lady, evident by the incredible darkness in her face. I didn’t know what all she had been through and was still going through, but I did know who was responsible for the torment. I also knew that the only One who could deliver her was Jesus. What a joy to see her now, for she has been delivered out of darkness into Christ’s marvelous Light. And she is not ashamed of the Gospel. Romans 1:16. She know it’s power to save!”

Bonnie Braun
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