A Jigsaw Life

Sometimes our lives are like a jigsaw puzzle. We collect a lot of the same kind of pieces from one area of the puzzle and start to put them together. Sometimes we begin to identify with this little area thinking this is who we are and what we’re to do with our lives, but then the Lord takes us on to another area and we grow in it. Sometimes we let go of the former and begin to think, “This must be who I am.” Then we are shown another area and then perhaps another area and sometimes we can get confused as we journey on and think that perhaps, somehow we missed it. 

And then that moment in time comes, when He shows us how all the smaller areas fit together in our lives and things become focused and beautiful. It was hard to not give up along the way and become discouraged and even disillusioned, but it’s His Spirit that continually prods us on. If we just don’t give up. If we can somehow see the bigger picture, you know, those dreams that seem beyond our imagination, we will arrive at that day. Reminds me of Joseph, through all he went through, through all of that training, he was ready to step into the assignment he trained for all his life, second in command of Egypt. It happened overnight, but the training took a lifetime… Don’t give up. Run your race to victory. You are not alone.

Greater Things by Joseph James

Joseph James

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