Who Am I?

Who am I? What is my purpose? Is there more to this life than this? Here we go again, another spin on the merry-go-round. Stop the world and let me off! There must be something more! WHO AM I?

Have you ever had these thoughts? I have. When I was younger it happened a lot. What is my purpose? What is my destiny? That’s why my ministry site is named, “Destiny Path of Life.” I searched and searched until I found the truth. I wouldn’t take just anyone’s opinion. It mattered to me to know the truth. But how can you be sure it is the truth? Truth is waiting to be found. It doesn’t hide behind trickery and deception. It doesn’t play tricks on our minds. It just is and it is always true. Yes, but how can you know. You will know when you find it. Every part of your being will know and finally you will understand that you no longer have to search for it.

Everyone of us has an emptiness inside from the moment we are born. If this emptiness isn’t filled, we will try to fill it with things like relationships, money, possessions, power, etc. If we continue in these things, the emptiness only continues to grow and consume us and the things and people around us. You know I’m speaking the truth because you can feel the touch in your heart. However, when you find the thing that can fill the emptiness, peace floods into your being and for the first time in your life you feel true love. You change. It is part of the process and it is the most wonderful thing that can happen.

I watch people all the time. I wonder what they are thinking as they go about their way each day. What makes them tick? What are they interested in? What is happening in their life today? Are they going through some kind of trial or are they on a mountain top? Sadly, I see too many people who are too busy to notice anything around them. Most of them seem to fill every moment with noise. They never have any quiet time to think and most don’t want any quiet time. They miss the most important things in life while trying to get ahead or to keep up with the world. They are stressed and it is evident. There is no peace nor rest. They take drugs for this symptom and drugs for that symptom never realizing the deadly poisons that are pulsating through their veins. Some have the luxury of something happening in their lives that causes them to take a look and make a change. Some never get the chance, they die suddenly. The carrot is always around the next corner. If I can only make it through today. Why not live today? Why not take some time and discover the rest of your life? The world will still be there tomorrow and it will always take you back.

My friend there is only one way to eternal life. People can argue all they like. The truth doesn’t and can not change. It just is. After everything is said and done, only the truth remains. It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not, if you get mad or upset, it still remains. How can I know that I found the truth? It’s simply this, the emptiness is gone. Love is in its place and peace fills our soul. I don’t have to work at it. I don’t have to do anything to make it that way.

Jesus Christ is the only way. At this point, you can get all upset and walk away. That is okay. I won’t judge you. I hope and pray that you find what you are looking for. Someone must have really hurt you deeply and I pray for the healing to come. No one should be alone.

There are many people who claim to be Christians and follow Jesus Christ. This doesn’t mean they are telling the truth. I am not talking about going to church on Saturdays or Sundays and belonging to a particular group. I am talking about having a real relationship with the Lord. I am talking about a relationship that becomes more real than any relationship you’ve ever had. He wants the best for you. He wants you to be free, healed, saved, and delivered from the darkness that binds you. Ask Him for His help. Ask Him to make Himself known to you. Be willing to turn from your ways to find His way and ask Him to fill your heart with His love. You will be changed. It will be real, in fact others will notice. You will see everything in a whole new way and you will never want to go back. Then continue to walk with Him. Get a bible and start reading and ask Him to give you understanding as you read. Find out who He really is and not just what others say about Him. You can know of a person and know certain things about them, but when you become their friend and share each others secrets only then do you really know them. Find the truth for yourself. It is your right and privilege.

If you need any help, please email us by using the form on our contact page. We do care. “Love does not hate and hate cannot love.” Feel free to read our other posts at our web site.

May you have a wonderful day today. May you see the sun rise and set and see the beautiful colors in the sky. Look at the trees as the wind blows. Listen to the birds sing their songs. Hear the ocean surf or a simple waterfall. Listen to someone laugh. Wear a smile and see how it changes others around you. You can make a difference, one person at a time. You can change the world, make it count. May the Lord bless you abundantly.

My Child Art Print & Poem by Joseph James

Joseph James

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