Where Are You?

Have you ever found yourself trying this relationship or trying another one over and over again while thinking, “Maybe, just maybe this is the one?” Or perhaps, if you are married, you think, “I wish I would have married someone else.” You find yourself trying to fill a void in your heart that seems impossible to fill. No matter how much you open up and no matter how close and intimate you get, there is still a LOUD cry for help deep inside of you. Can’t someone, anyone see me WHERE I AM? WHERE ARE YOU…

You, my friend are not alone. I used to go through this a lot. Boy, if I could just find the right person for me everything would just work out well. Or maybe, if I could just find the thing I like to do and get paid for doing it. Sound good? Yes it does, but it doesn’t work. No human relationship will ever fill that void in our heart. In fact, it was never meant to fill it. There is only One who can fill that void in our life, not sex, not drugs, not money, not power, etc. Sooner or later these false things will take us down a path we will regret. At best, we lose a lot of time. At worst, we can lose our life or the life of someone we love.

So what can we do. The one person who has made a difference in my life is Jesus Christ. I am not talking about someone who lived 2000 years ago and is now dead. I am not talking about someone you just believe in that takes on a mystical persona. I am talking about someone who is real, alive and wants to have a true relationship with you. Sound unbelievable? That’s okay. Many have thought that too. So now we find ourselves at a crossroads. Pride or humility, which one is going to win right now? Here’s the battle. Pride says I can’t believe in this, what will everyone say about me. This can’t be true, I am a rational person. If you can’t see it, it must not be real. What about all the people who are successful, listen to them, they know how to do it. Humility says maybe I don’t know everything and what would it hurt to check it out. Who cares what my friends think, I need to find the truth. If I find the truth, maybe I can help my friends. It would be good to be able to help them, I really do love them.

Now, once you have gone through this major battle and have won, the next part is easy. The hardest part is always making the decision. Just ask the Lord to make Himself real to you. First of all, you can’t come to the Lord unless the Father is drawing you. John 6:44 & 65, “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him, and I will raise him up at the last day.” Take a look at the whole chapter, it is worth it. By you even having this war means He is drawing you close and would like to make Himself known to you. Get ready to meet the greatest friend you will ever have. Allow Him and He will become more real than anyone else around you. Your life will take on new meaning and suddenly every good relationship you have with others will become that much deeper. You will discover that some of your friends aren’t really your friends at all and others who don’t seem to be will become closer than those around you now. You will see everything differently. You will see through the eyes of love.

Take a look at some of my other posts for a deeper walk with Him. Talk to others who know Him. Ask Him to help you on your new journey and to put others in your path to help you and that you might help. Enjoy true life. Experience the things you were created to do and enjoy. “Life is a journey and it is your choices that carve out the path you walk.” Go ahead, take a chance, you are worth it. May you be blessed abundantly as you journey down this path of life.

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Greater Things by Joseph James

Joseph James

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