My Rose

(Written for my wife Janiece, I love you princess.)


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My Rose

  • There was once a rosebush all beaten and rent,
  • If one were to see it, they’d consider its life spent;
  • But along came a man one day, He reached down from above,
  • He carried it home with Him and showered it with love.
  • He placed it in some fertile soil, in His shelter all secure,
  • He gently clipped the broken parts and allowed them to cure;
  • The plant had seen much trauma, but His love would bring it through,
  • And then the time to transplant it, in the center of His garden view.
  • The little plant was honored, it didn’t know what to think,
  • And the many fears that held it back, even they began to sink;
  • The little plant, in the Master’s plan, was proud to be a part,
  • To bring Him glory and honor was the cry of its heart.
  • The growing, it seemed slow at first, as the new shoots appeared,
  • The new life so tender, yet its protection secure;
  • Finally, a bud appeared, came the time to unfold,
  • The little plant was all afraid and anything but bold.
  • To succumb to its fearfulness would cause the flow’r to fall,
  • To expose itself again to pain brought back the tears and all;
  • Then it felt the Master’s hand and heard His gentle song,
  • He urged it just to bloom again and to know He was along.
  • As the petals started opening, a hush just filled the place,
  • To those staring in amazement at the plant that was defaced;
  • The one that seemed ‘could never be,’ was now the Master’s choice,
  • His glory, He has shown us in the power of His voice.
  • So, open up you plants of His and let your fragrance air,
  • Let the beauty that’s been hidden be seen everywhere;
  • God is not a mean old man, nor one that He should lie,
  • But now, He’s here among us and on Him we can rely.
  • The Master, He sees everything, nothing’s hidden from His view,
  • As He died upon the cross, He was looking right at you;
  • He’s felt the sting of pain and death, He knows what you’re going through,
  • So why not let Him heal your wounds and make you good as new.

© 04.28.94 by joseph james hartmann All rights reserved.

We will make this available in a poster soon for those of you who would like to order one.

This poem will be included in the biography, “Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life,” I am writing about Janiece’s life. Jaan, (Janiece) also shares her story and prays with those who want to hear. She is available, as the Lord leads, to travel and share with groups of people. She is used by the Lord to help bring wholeness to others. We will be sharing more of her story on this blog in the days to come. If you would like to contact us, please use our form on our contact page. We hope this post has encouraged and blessed you. Never, ever give up. The Lord has a plan and purpose for your life, no matter what you are going through. Open your heart and let Him heal you too!

Joseph James Hartmann

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