Woman To Woman Radio Show

Joseph and Janiece will be on the radio February 24, 2018 sharing about her journey of miracles before they met and after they were married.

RADIO ANNOUNCEMENT (Live on Air, Live Streaming, Podcast)

Janiece Turner-Hartmann and Joseph James | Radio Show Woman To Woman with show host Kathy Thomas | Tucson & Sierra Vista AZ

This Saturday, February 24th from 1-2pm MT, Janiece and Joseph will be live on the Woman To Woman Radio show with host Kathy Thomas. The show will be On The Air, Live Streamed from the Radio Website and available on podcast beginning Sunday for those who can’t hear it live. The Live Radio broadcasting area is the Tucson & Sierra Vista, AZ.

They will be sharing from Janiece’s miraculous journey, her biography and their journey together. More details available at Joseph’s tour site: http://www.joseph-james.net/JJ10/ We will post the links to the Live Streaming Friday afternoon on this FB page (https://www.facebook.com/JosephJamesSinger) and website when it becomes available as well as the link to the podcast.

Please pass this on to others who might benefit from the show. These are some of the topics that will be covered. It’s not just for women as men face many of these things as well.

TOPICS: Trauma / Injury / Illness, Mental Imbalance, Addictions, Suicide / Self-Harm, Gender Identity, Battered By Religion, Identity, Healing & Miracles, Marriage, Pregnancy,& Ministry.

Janiece’s Biography website with 7 testimonial videos: https://www.sentencedtodeathdestinedforlife.com

Janiece’s Biography & Info: http://www.joseph-james.net/JJ10/index.php/books/sentenced-death-destined-life/

Kathy Thomas, Woman To Woman FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/womantowomantucson/

KGMS Radio 940AM: Schedule | https://kgms.com/saturday/

Two of her biographies will be given away on the show. Her biography is available in print, on Kindle and Nook and soon in Audio. Daniel, their son, is doing the voice for the book. Please pass this on to as many as you can. There are so many people searching for answers and not only wanting to know that God is real, but that He also heals, saves, delivers and does the miraculous. HOPE! Now is the time!

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