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I am requesting your prayers in regards to continuing writing Janiece’s biography. Janiece just showed me the Foreword in the biography of Kathryn Kulman’s “Daughter of Destiny” and the struggle that ensued as Jamie Buckingham began to write. The biography has to show the whole story yet magnify the Lord and the glory He deserves. There is a fine line to walk as we journey through the tender areas of the heart. As Chris Rodes shared Sunday at Oasis, if you want to see the victory, you must also see the conflict or battle that was fought, my paraphrase.

Here is the link on Amazon to “Daughter of Destiny” if you would like to read the Foreword and Publisher Preface to better understand the task at hand. Just click on Look Inside.

One of the main reasons it has taken so long for me to get to this stage of writing is that I am determined that my heart is right before I begin to craft the storyline. All of the pieces of the story must be portrayed in the correct light. Any judgments, offenses, or misrepresentations must be eliminated. If you have heard her share any deep parts of the story, you already know what I mean.

The storyline is being written from her perspective, her journey, her thoughts, her communication with Him and how He talks to her. While not everything she perceived was true concerning some of the circumstances, it is beneficial in the fact that it gives the reader an in depth understanding into the life of those dealing with mental illness as well as the other things she walked through. The facts of the story will also be given. My goal is to weave the story together so that it will read similar to a novel and not like a book of facts. The story is too adventurous, too magnificent and His power too demonstrative to make it any less than it is in reality. Jesus deserves the glory that is rightfully His.

It is my hope and prayer that others can see why we have to pull away some to complete this project. It is not as much about pulling away, but rather it is about focusing on the project at hand. We have reached out in many different areas over the years to help others and now we simply need to get this done. I need it done. I need it out of my head so we can move on.

We don’t know how everything is going to come together for us to do this, we just know it is time. He told us to downsize, pack and get ready to move. We are… Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We will be available during this time to also share with others and groups as the Lord leads. The more she shares, the more she remembers and the easier it is to get the whole story together and written, plus the added benefits of having a video camera and getting it recorded is great. If you know of families who are going through these things, we are available to help. Please click the link to see the areas of ministry covered, especially the Table Of Contents page.

To contact me, please use the form on this web site. There is hope. There is a way. Freedom and healing!

If you would like to help us financially in this project, please contact us or click the donation button to go to our sister site, Beneficial Zone. If you can help us in other ways or know of someone or group that needs to hear this message, please use the form on our web site.

Thank you for your interest and may the Lord draw you ever deeper into His presence and purpose for your life. May He become more real to you than those around you. May you know that above all, He loves you!

Joseph James

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