Has something happened to you that is so bad, you can’t even see how you are going to make it through the day, let alone the rest of your life? Was it a violent act? Was it divorce, the loss of a loved one? Was it the loss of a job, or friendship, sickness or injury? What do you do? Traumatized! Read more

SDDL The Movie

SDDL – The Movie or MiniSeries

We are not quite sure how to do what is coming next, but we are stepping forward. We may make a few mistakes, maybe have a few misunderstandings, but I think with all of our friends and family around us these will be kept to a minimum. We appreciate your prayers and support more than you know. We know where we are heading, cause we’ve seen a glimpse of the destination, just aren’t quite sure on exactly how to get there. Following is what we know so for… Read more