SDDL The Movie

SDDL – The Movie or MiniSeries

We are not quite sure how to do what is coming next, but we are stepping forward. We may make a few mistakes, maybe have a few misunderstandings, but I think with all of our friends and family around us these will be kept to a minimum. We appreciate your prayers and support more than you know. We know where we are heading, cause we’ve seen a glimpse of the destination, just aren’t quite sure on exactly how to get there. Following is what we know so for…

One of our goals is to deal deadly blows to suicide, depression, mental illness and things like this. There is HOPE, we have seen and continue to see miracles in ours and others lives. We have written Janiece’s story in a book and many are being touched, healed and many lives are being changed. Since I mentioned the word “movie” on July 14th, it seems like all hell has broken out against us, but last night was a pivotal point of change…a major breakthrough!

Although the movie is about us, it is more about all those who are in the middle of terrible situations and those family members and friends dealing with those situations. If I have known anything of the Lord in my life, I know His hand is on getting this movie produced to the highest quality and standard in movie making. He deserves that much as it is really “His Story.”

I am beginning to create a fan base as we continue to journey through the things we need to do to make this a reality. If anyone wants to keep up with what we are doing, please “like” the “Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life” facebook page. I will also be updating this blog. There are videos on this site as well as two radio interviews with Janiece and I. These tools are very important as the web search engines will have access to this all. We have had some people contact us and/or read and receive encouragement from around the world and we really haven’t even started yet. I will be adding the Google Translator feature that will translate the blog into 48 different languages. I already use this feature on my other blog, People in countries like Pakistan, China, Korea, India, Russia, Turkey, UAE, Egypt, Israel, plus Europe, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have accessed the site, 54 countries in all. We live in a physical world, but we can’t forget about cyberspace. People are searching the web every moment for help and encouragement…

We are asking for your help, mainly prayer and any connections you know who might be able to give us godly wisdom and counsel in how to proceed in these areas. Our producer friend, Jake Adolph Jecmenek blew our minds last evening. If you haven’t seen any of his movies, just google his name. It was one of those divine connections and we are taking his advice on what to do next…

These are the areas we are looking at developing: prayer support; a group of counselors; generate book sales to help in the funding of all and to get the story out; create a donation base specifically to give books to those who want and need them but can’t afford them; generate a large fan base in order to promote the movie by word of mouth by the time it is finished; ministry and speaking outreaches to begin to help those in need in person; local and global venues; administrative and marketing, etc. This is just a beginning. We welcome your thoughts and ideas. The book is available in print, Kindle, & Nook and is available in 6 countries that we know of so far.

So far, it looks like I will be writing the screenplay or at least the general outline and then collaborate with some other writers, if possible. We will need time and space to do this while we travel, share and minister. We will also be applying for grants, as per Jake’s advice, from various groups including suicide prevention support groups, mental anguish support groups and others…with foundations so that we might connect to a larger network and extend His love to all who need His help.

Anyone who would like to help us, please message, email or call us. If you know of someone who can help in these areas, please let us know. I have heard of two suicides in the last few weeks and this is two, two many… We will take what we have been given and help all we possibly can.

If you have stories to add that pertain to Janiece’s life or parts of the book you would like to see included in the movie, please comment or post on the SDDL FB page or blog. We will take these into consideration.

If anyone knows about grants and/or grant writing and would like to help us, please let us know… We already have a beginning list of places to contact.

Joseph James

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