Laugh, Laugh Again

I can’t seem to say enough about this subject. I wrote another post titled, “Laugh At Yourself.” You might like to read it also. Regardless of what we are going through we need to laugh. I am not saying there isn’t a time to grieve or to be serious. These times do come and go and when they do, it is good to go through them. I am not referring to these times, eventhough it is good to find short periods of time to laugh during these times, if you can. LAUGH, LAUGH AGAIN! Read more

Where Are You?

Have you ever found yourself trying this relationship or trying another one over and over again while thinking, “Maybe, just maybe this is the one?” Or perhaps, if you are married, you think, “I wish I would have married someone else.” You find yourself trying to fill a void in your heart that seems impossible to fill. No matter how much you open up and no matter how close and intimate you get, there is still a LOUD cry for help deep inside of you. Can’t someone, anyone see me WHERE I AM? WHERE ARE YOU… Read more

Function & Gender

If we could solve our gender differences in our generation today, the world would be a more peaceful place to live, correct? If men and women could walk side-by-side together in our world instead of fighting each other over a lot of different issues, we might be able to provide a better world for our children. How can we do this though? Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, or so the story goes… How can someone from one sexual orientation really understand the other? Perhaps we don’t have to as much as we think we do. I suggest that if we can find the root of the problem, perhaps we can also find a workable solution. FUNCTION & GENDER… Read more

Beam Me Up

Beam me up God, it is really bad down here and it is only getting worse. Can’t you see what is going on? Where are you? Hey, how about some help down here? Have you ever felt like that? Are you feeling like that now? Are you so deep in despair that you can’t even see a way out? Are you thinking about turning to ways that will help you leave the planet? BEAM ME UP… Read more

Love Or Fear

Do we live in love or fear? What is the opposite of love? It’s not hate. It’s fear and hate is only one by-product of fear. Scripture says that God is love and perfect love casts out fear. Fear cannot exist in True love, it must flee. In any area in our lives where we have fear, love has not conquered. Meditate on this for a while and think of all the places in your life where fear has a hold. Then think of all the areas where love abounds. Now how would you feel if all of these places of fear became places filled with love? LOVE OR FEAR… Read more

Be Encouraged!

Be encouraged! What a statement! But what if you’re someone who is so down that it would take a miracle to get you up? You’ve probably heard this before, but tomorrow is a brand new day. Even though what you may be going through looks like it is larger than life and you don’t see any way through, it is still only temporary. Remember the weather, the storms do pass, but it’s those moments, when you are in them that seem like an eternity. The sun is still shining in the midst of the storm, it is just blocked from our vision. The earth is still the same and when the water droplets dissipate and the wind stills to a whisper, it will be another brand new day. A day just waiting for you to start again, mold it and create into whatever masterpiece is waiting for you, just like an artist. Father created you, He cares and He knows how to help you. He wants you to have a brand new start. You are precious, even more so than all the flowers in the world or even the animals. He’ll give you a sign in the skies, maybe a rainbow to symbolize the storm is over. Maybe you’ll get a special parking place. Maybe the traffic lights will turn green. Maybe you’ll just see something funny and laugh for a minute or two and forget for a moment. Just remember, you are not alone. If you call out to Him, He will hear you. How do I know? Because I’ve been there more times than I can remember and I’m still here and it gets better. There were many times I didn’t want to go on for another day. Read more

Overcoming The Darkness Within & Depression

Overcoming depression can seem like a hopeless situation, especially when one feels like they are falling down into a deep dark chasm from which there seems to be no escape, let alone hope. Many in the medical community will say that medical treatment is the only way for help, to which I declare not necessarily so. I’ve walked within the clutches of depression during various times within my life, and my wife, Janiece, almost lost her life to its deadly stranglehold. I am speaking from experience and not some textbook theories and studies that many may hold up as truth, but in the end may do more harm than good. (Please note: I am not saying that some of these methods do not help some to some extent and even serve to provide some hope and prolong life.) I am saying that to totally rely on this as The Truth is a very treacherous path to walk. OVERCOMING THE DARKNESS WITHIN & DEPRESSION! Read more

Joseph & Janiece on Liberated Living Radio Show

Janiece and I were recently invited to share her story on the  radio show “Liberated Living” with Chicago radio host Eliakim Thorpe. The show was recorded and aired this month and is now archived on the Liberated Living Radio page. Her story has touched so many lives already and we know there are many more so we are doing what we can to spread the word. “SENTENCED TO DEATH, DESTINED FOR LIFE – THE JANIECE TURNER-HARTMANN STORY! Read more

Truth & Terrorism

There are many ‘catch phrases’ in our world thrown out by some to try and control the masses. In my opinion, “Political Correctness” is one that has nothing to do with the truth, but rather is a way to sway people to a certain way of thinking and acting. It institutes fear and rather than standing up and denouncing it, people succumb to the fear. Then we hear the word “Terrorist” used to describe groups that are not. The throwing around of these little ‘catch phrases’ is being used for a lower purpose, branding and labeling.  They talk about profiling and yet they are the ones doing it. This is deception and it is being interweaved into our society in a way that it can be used at any given moment to sway public opinion, regardless of the truth behind it. Truth & Terrorism! Read more