Mike Paxton’s SDDL Review

“Janiece is a true wonder of the miraculous power & love of God the Father. He gave her life back after she had almost died and began a gradual process of restoration. She had to learn to see herself as a woman, a person of value, and one that had been completely forgiven of her past. The Church women began to work with her and the Lord blossomed her inner man into a beautiful rose, full of compassion and mercy for others, a zeal for God and a passion for a full and rich life. The work of Christ continues, her humility, patience with new believers and servant heart are the real treasures of life that Pastors and the people of God long to see develop and mature in His children. She is a true treasure of the faithfulness of our loving Father in Heaven and she will always have the respect and admiration of my family, the Church she serves and of her family.” Read more