I realize that some of you who are reading this could be on the verge of totally giving up on life. You feel all alone and that there is no one who can hear you! In some ways you’d be right. I’ve been there more times than I care to admit, but you’d also be wrong. I’ve been at the end and contemplated ending it all, but there was someone there with me. Care to find out who?

Pikes Peak Colorado | Follow Your Dreams Tour | Joseph James Music

(Pikes Peak | Colorado Springs, Colorado | October 2017 | Follow Your Dreams Tour | Joseph James)

At the end of my first marriage I tried everything I could to put it back together. Failed! By the end of my second marriage, I was so broken that if it were not for the church I was a part of at the time, I’m not so sure I’d still be here. But, they weren’t the ones who were the final key that kept me going. You see, I was around people who cared, but they couldn’t hear. I was in crowds, yet so alone. I failed in marriage, twice times, lost my health in one, and was crushed financially and had nothing left.

But God! He was there with me and so real that I could almost touch Him. He never left me, and I could feel Him holding my heart in His hand and all of His love enveloping me. He helped me through it all. He also had someone else for me to spend my life with. We’ve been married now for over 23 years. Her story is why this website was created, for you.

I’ve written quite a few songs about this time and many of them are on my YouTube Channel and on streaming services like iTunes, Spotify, iHeart, Google Play, Amazon and many others. Here are a few with the links to them. Know that you are not alone and that the Lord has a wonderful plan for your life, however, you have an enemy who wants to take you out so that you can’t fulfill that wonderful plan and enjoy your life. I can’t be everywhere personally to help, but through my music, I believe I can still reach out with my message. Don’t give up. Choices! Perhaps we’ll see you on the road with our Follow Your Dreams Tour. The Lord has a wonderful plan for your life. Psalm 139. Let Him help you fulfill it.

Music by Joseph James

Honey I Love You | Angel On The Way | Locked Inside | My Wings | Still | Smoking Of The Gun | Fly From Here

One of these days I’ll make it into a professional studio and get these recorded the way I want, but in the meantime, I have them available to help those in need. I’ve been there and these have helped me. I hope they encourage you in your journey.  Blessings,

Joseph James

We are getting Janiece’s story out there into a movie to help as many folks as we can. If you’d like to join us in the journey, check out the following links for more info on the story, the movie and the tour. Blessings.

Sentenced To Death Destined For Life The Movie | Producer Joseph James

Please remember to keep us in prayer as we pursue producing Janiece’s Miraculous Story into the movie. Target Film Date: Summer 2019 Target Film Release: Summer 2020

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Let’s restore the word DREAM to our country again! Please share about the book, tour and movie so others can be encouraged.


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