New Bookings For Early 2018

So it seems that Easter is on April 1 this coming year. Going to be interesting, just saying.

I was looking at the Calendar to set up some bookings around the country this year. Looking at Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, and possibly surrounding states (Colorado & Arkansas, etc?) for later in April and early May. Florida and area in February or March or possibly Arizona & New Mexico and area in January & February. Just throwing some things out there in case some of you live in those areas. We have some connections in these areas, but would love to have more to help us get the word out there.

Fact: I found out that the greatest number of suicides is actually in late Spring and early Summer, not the Christmas season. Let’s encourage each other along the way and watch for signs of depression. Just a thought, the more smiles you give, the more you get back. Try it. I wrote a new song yesterday called, “My Wings.” Will be sharing it soon. If you’d like to be a part of the tour, please message me and check out the website and spread the word.

Have a wonderful day. Rest a bit, listen for His voice for the new year. Looking forward to seeing you on the road this year.


Joseph James

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