Everyone Wants To Be Loved | Joseph James

Love is a delicate and precious thing to find. Everyone searches for it, but few are they who find true love. Broken relationships and families can hold us back from experiencing all we can. So what are we to do? Where is this so-called thing called love? Everyone Wants To Be Loved!

I hope this song encourages you and blesses you. Sometimes we can feel like there is no way to go on, but trust me, the storm will pass. I’ve been there too, the relentless beating of the storm, day after day, and I wanted to give up as well, but the Lord was there and He carried me through. Of course, I had to let Him help me and you do too. You won’t regret it.

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Words – Joseph James
Music – Joseph James
Performed Live by Joseph James
Cover Art – Joseph James
Cover Art Location – Colorado Springs, CO
Produced by Joseph James | VaryMedia
VaryMedia Studios

Special Thanks:
Homewood Suites | Katy, TX Filming location.

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