Smoking Of The Gun

SMOKING OF THE GUN (Live) | Joseph James – Do you know of someone who is deep in depression and suicidal? Joseph and his wife minister to those going through dark times, because we’ve both been there and made it through. If you read Janiece’s bio,, you will see that she’s gone through multiple attempts in her past. She has videos there as well.

Joseph wrote this song to provide some choices along the way down that dark path to suicide. What choice will we make? What choice will our friends make? Will we be able to recognize the signs and be able to help? Pass this song along to your friends. Sometimes we don’t know how close those around us are to ending it all. It can happen in an instant, the result of some sudden traumatic change in a life or sometimes it’s something simple. Choose life!

The main reason he is touring with his music this year is to reach out into our communities, not only with hope, but with answers to help people get through the difficult times in their lives. If you want us to come to your community, please contact us. Let’s join together and help our neighbors, friends and family. We can do this. They appreciate any prayer support and financial help. They’ve been paying their own way, but together we can do more. They left their home 4 years ago and have been on the road since. There are lots of lonely and hurting people.

Joseph has his books and music available and most of the proceeds will go to helping them help others. Visit his website: Blessings in your journey.


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