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Who I am. Who am I? Who are you? Why are we here? When I think of these questions I think back to when I heard a song by Supertramp called, “The Logical Song.” One of the main lines of the song is, “Can someone please, just tell me who I am?” If you’ve never heard of it, you can google it to find a site to listen to it. The album came out in 1979 and we still ask the same questions today. Who am I? I bought the album as soon as I could and would cruise up and down the streets in my home town at night just listening to it. It was just me, the music and the wind blowing through my open windows in the cool night air. This was the question on my mind during my teenage years, “Who am I?” Why do we do the things we do? Why do we have to conform to these worldly standards? We don’t have to conform, there is a better way. Throughout all of history, good changes come when people dare to stand up with a better way. Before we can do that, we must find a better way. Who I am!

I watch people and interact with them everyday. It is very interesting. Sometimes the Lord allows me to see inside to their hearts. Sometimes I see happiness and other times deep hurt and wounds. Sometimes I am able to pray specifically for individuals and they are totally unaware of it. Some are very intense while others seem to not have a care in the world, yet every day each one must meet with reality. I am talking about the times when we are all alone with our own thoughts. The noise of the day is long gone and now there is quiet. I believe we use the noise and music to drown out those moments of reality if we can. We know deep inside that we don’t have the answers but we really want someone to love and care for us. If we could just find the right person. Maybe next time things will work out better. Maybe if I can just get a better job or make more money. Maybe . . .

I searched and searched for years for all the right answers. I grew up in a denominational church so I knew of the Lord at an early age. I even remember talking to Him. I asked Him to come into my heart at the age of 16, but I still couldn’t get things right. I had all of these questions and no matter who I asked, I only found a few answers. I also had a lot of zeal and I was young. One of the turning points in my early walk came when I found the scriptures about healing. I asked my leaders in the church, why don’t we just lay hands on the sick and they get well. We just always prayed, “If it is the Lord’s will . . .” It is the Lord’s will that we get healed. I began to see that people didn’t believe what they said they believed and I felt like they lied to me. So off I went on this journey of searching for the truth again. I had had too many lies in my life from too many people I thought I could trust. Just where could I find the truth? I searched through many other church groups and found that they were all the same, just a different name and some different beliefs, but they all stopped short of just believing what the Lord says in the Bible.

Some well-meaning people have told me that this is the way it is and no one has all of the truth. I understand that, but my problem with them is that they were not open to continuing the journey and discovering the multi-faceted walk of the Lord. They stopped short of their destination and just camped. I don’t know if they just got tired or weary, but just like the Israelites they decided not to take some of the promise land, they settled for a spot on the outside. I can’t do that. I am determined to walk in everything the Lord has for me and my generation. I am determined to pass this on to the next generation. I so want to hear the words from the Lord at the end of my life, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” I so want to see each and every person touch Him at least once in their life and see that He is good, faithful and true. Then they can make their own choice. I don’t want to see any bullied. There are enough of these people in the world. They should never be in the Church of Jesus Christ.

I have found something so wonderful and I just want to share. The Lord is not in to having His people separated by cliques. They believe they know the way and condemn everyone else who doesn’t believe the way they do. Rubbish! There is more to this walk and journey than this. True love, His love reaches out to everyone who asks. True love understands where each individual is in their heart and life and loves them anyway. True love has compassion on those who can’t help themselves as well as the selfish, greedy business owner that no one wants to be around. True believers know they are on a journey of discovering more truth as He reveals it to them. They know deep inside there are still areas and wounds that need to be healed for them to be free. True believers know His love, His compassion and desire to see them totally healed, saved, delivered and free. This doesn’t come by way of head knowledge and just memorizing the scriptures. The devil has the scriptures memorized and believes but that doesn’t make him a Christian. If it did, he’d be saved and all of our problems would be over. Having a relationship with the Lord is more than just knowing the scriptures, it comes by walking with Him, listening to His voice and obeying Him above everything else. Who are my mother and brothers? Everyone who has a relationship with Him. I meet people all the time for the first time, but it seems like we’ve known each other for years. The interesting thing is they know Him too.

I am so torn and grieved at the body of Christ. It is so easy for us to fight each other when the rest of the world needs our help and love. Who cares if someone else is raised up by the Lord. They are responsible for how they handle their life. If your relationship with the Lord isn’t right, don’t go blasting someone else who is desperately trying to walk with Him. They may not get it all right, but they have the main thing right. They are walking and heading in the right direction. If their heart is right, it is an easy thing for Father to help them get the rest in place. The issue is the heart, not perfection. Look through the scriptures and you will find that there was only ONE who was perfect and He was crucified for us who are human. WE HAVE TO STOP USING THE WORD OF THE LORD (SWORDS), TO KILL AND WOUND EACH OTHER. His word is to bring healing to the nations. I am not saying you have to leave the fellowship you are with. I am saying, don’t sell yourself short of attaining to the fullness of what He wants you to walk in. It is your choices that you will be accountable for, not someone’s opinions about what you need to do.

I am so encouraged to see the outpouring of the Lord in different places. All over the world people are getting touched by the Lord. Some of these people have tattoos and others things about them that are taboo to the religious crowd and it is an offense to them. For some reason, we think ministers ought to be perfect, rubbish again. I was in a move of God in San Antonio in 1994. The presence of the Lord was so strong we fell flat on our faces in His presence. Lives were changed. My life changed and His presence never left me. I can still feel it when I worship Him. Talk about reality, this is reality. He is real. Meet Him and your life will never be the same. You don’t know what you are missing until you find it. How does one find the truth? We find the truth when we search for it with our WHOLE HEART.

Blessings to you on your journey. May you find that which you are searching for. If we can be of help, please write to us. We have the blogs, books, music art and others things available to help encourage you in your journey. Fly higher…

Who Says art print by Joseph James

Joseph James

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