Need A Miracle

Do you need a miracle today? Are you so stressed out that you need to get away? What kind of miracle do you need? Are you willing to let the Lord choose the miracle you need? Do you think that He might be able to give you exactly what you need? He has a better vantage point than us. Need A Miracle!

The Lord knows what is going to happen around us in the world today and also in the future. Sometimes the miracles we think we need will only bring us more pain down the road. Parents who have children know that you don’t always give the child what they want because some of the things they want would be harmful, if not fatal to them. The Lord is like this also, however, selfish people sometimes get what they ask for to their detriment, so we need to be careful.

I know of a lot of people who wanted to marry a certain person only to have the marriage end in a divorce in less than a year. Our emotions can lie to us, especially where love is concerned. Some people want to have a lot of money and become so greedy they miss out on the life around them. They end up all alone and totally empty inside. Be careful what you pray for.

I used to pray for just big miracles and then I started noticing the little miracles that were happening everyday. There were a lot of situations happening that were perfect timing. Being at the right place at the right time was an amazing thing. Finding the right parking place in a crowded parking lot was really a blessing. Meeting someone for the first time that seemed like you knew them your whole life is an exceptional blessing. Meeting the person the Lord has for you to marry is one of the greatest miracles. Getting a new idea and then turning it into a Kingdom business is also a wonderful thing. With all of this, as wonderful as it is, it is only the beginning. With every miracle comes the responsibility to walk it out.

I now live a life of miracles. I used to look for the big ones, but now I enjoy the small ones too. When I meet new people, I wonder, “Lord, what do you have for them today? Why did you put this together? Is there something special going to come from this?” and then I go on. If something happens from it, great and if not, maybe something will happen later. I marvel at God’s creation. I love to look at the sunrises and sunsets. I like to see the clouds from an airplane. I like waterfalls and the sounds of the ocean. I like to look at the mountains and see the Lord and His majesty. Man in all of his abilities has nothing on creation.

I have said all of this to simply say, ask Him for your miracles, thank Him for them in advance, and then eagerly expect to see what He will do. Keep in mind that “no” is also an answer. It is all about you. As you go throughout your day, look around you and see what is happening. Are there others who need your help or just a smile? Brighten someone else’s day and yours will be brighter too. Enjoy your life and expect miracles each day. Give your life to Jesus Christ and experience the greatest miracle in life. He cares for you. He loves you. He gave His life for us, can we expect to do any less for Him?

There are other posts I have written on different topics of getting closer to Him as well as articles for people going through certain circumstances. Feel free to check these out and to send the links to others who need encouragement on this blog and on my personal blog at Destiny Path Of Life. We also have some free wallpapers for encouragement and some other things available on the web site. Check them out when you can and we will be adding more as we can. Whatever you do in life, enjoy it. I’ve made it through many rough spots because of the One I walk with everyday. He hasn’t left me and He won’t leave you. Life is a journey, take advantage of it. Miracles!!! You are one!

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