Hurting People

As I read the comments sent personally to me from people all over the world, I realize more and more how many are hurting, broken and torn. Our world is going through so many changes as we go from individual economies to a world economy. Everything is changing and it is causing so much fear and panic. This fear and panic is ripping into the core of families and relationships and causing many casualties emotionally. Where do we turn? Who has the answers? Who really cares? Is it every person for themselves? Hurting People!

I am one of the fortunate, I know someone Who helps me everyday. He is closer than my brother and I can share all of my problems with Him. He won’t ever leave me and it is He who calms my fears, fills me with His love, and leads me down the path of life. My purpose and destiny are in His hands and they are secure. The good news is that you can know Him too. He can have the same relationship with you that He has with me. It is your choice.

I’m sure you’ve heard all kinds of stories about Him. Some are probably true and others aren’t. Some stories are well-intentioned, while others want to keep you away from Him. The only thing that really matters is whether or not you want to know the truth. There are many different denominations and different groups proclaiming they know Jesus Christ. Some really do have a personal relationship with Him and some are just living in intellectual religious knowledge and not understanding that there is more to it. So how can you find the truth? How can you know that what you believe is the truth? The best way is to search for it with ALL of your heart. Don’t hold so tightly to any of your opinions in your quest. Find a Bible and start reading it. I suggest you start with the gospels, Psalms and Proverbs. If you don’t have one, go to this web site:

My walk with the Lord began with one step at a time. It was similar to the way of meeting a girl, dating, and eventually marriage. What I mean by this is that it really takes time to get to know someone. How do you really know someone if the relationship is never put to the test? It is during these times you find out who you are and who they are. I’ve been through some really tough stuff and each situation helped me know Him better. He never left me, even when it was my fault. There was a time when He was the only one who stood by me.

We all have choices to make. We can choose whether we want to trust others just like us or the One who created us. His word is true. His promises come true. He will have His way and it is good. If you want wisdom, ask for it. It is the same for true love, forgiveness, mercy, peace, gentleness, tenderness, healing, salvation.

One of my favorite stories is about Ezekiel in Chapter 47. Ezekiel was led into a river and as he walked it got deeper and deeper until it carried him. It was the river of the Lord. This is such a great picture of our walk with Him. We can walk with Him on the shore and never get our feet wet. There are a lot of people who do this. They are afraid to let go and let Him take care of them, they are usually so independent. Then there are those who go in up to their ankles and they experience a shallow relationship. There are others who go in up to their knees. They might not be able to see the bottom anymore, which may mean they are unsure of their next steps. Some go in up to their waist and they begin to lose their footing sometimes due to the current, but they also begin to enjoy its coolness and its refreshing touches. Then there are those who launch out into the deep and are carried by the current, helpless but to go where it takes them. These are those who experience the fullness of the Lord. He is their sole provider and helper. If He doesn’t come through, it’s over. These are the ones who experience the depths of His love, the bigger miracles, they see things others don’t get to see because these things can only be seen in the deep waters of the river.

How deep do you want to go? It is your choice. You can always go back to the shore where everything seems to be safe and your feet are on solid ground. What is it you really want? Would you like to find your destiny and purpose? Would you like to know why you were created? Would you like to wake up every day doing the very thing that brings fulfillment to you? Again, it’s your choice. If you choose to never try it, don’t knock someone else who does. Be brave, overcome the fear and at least give it a shot. What do you have to lose except for fear and your pride? What are they doing for you anyway?

What would it take for you to decide to take a new journey today? I can tell you story after story, but if you never take the steps, it doesn’t matter anyway. At the end of our lives, it doesn’t matter what others did to us or how they didn’t help, what matters is what choices we made. It doesn’t matter what time in history and what country we live in, the Lord doesn’t make mistakes. His plan for us starts with where we are now. He has a way to bring us through anything we are going through, but we have to make the choice to trust Him and let Him lead us the way He wants without judging the journey until we make it to the end. We are responsible for our own lives. The Lord is fully capable of creating miracles and changing our lives, but if we don’t give Him the authority and a chance, He can’t. He gave us the freedom of choice. The choice is ours. His hands are tied until we choose.

My choice to ask His forgiveness for all my sins, to lay down my will and choose His, to bow my knee to Him and humbly ask for His help was the best choice I’ll ever make. I have never regretted this decision. It has been a difficult journey, it hasn’t been easy, but its been worth every bit of the journey. I know Him now, and the good news is that you can too. Dare to go out into the deep waters of the river of life and experience His love for you. He cares and He loves you so much more than you can imagine. Let today be the first day of the rest of your life. Let His love cleanse you from all sin. Let Him heal your heart and your body. Invite Him into your heart and you will know that He is real. The emptiness inside will be replaced with His love. Go for it, what do you have to lose that really matters much anyway? This is the greatest of all miracles.

Use the form on our contact page to let us know how you are doing. We are praying for every reader. We care, that is why this site exists. If you feel that no one does, we do. We created this site for those who have no where to turn, those who might be all alone, and those in situations where they don’t know who to ask for help. Please check out our other posts for encouragement and help. We are all human, we make mistakes and we need each other. Reach out to Him and live an overcoming and victorious life. Today can begin your life of miracles.

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