Life Of Balance

The pendulum swings from one side to the other, from extreme to extreme. Only in the middle of its journey is the balance. The clock, with its pendulum, is sometimes representative of our lives. It can also represent an action against us with a counter reaction from us. The balance of this lies in our response to the action against us and not to simply to react to someone else. Response Versus Reaction! LIFE OF BALANCE!

I have lived many days swinging from reaction to reaction. When others would tell me I was wrong, I’d react and go to extremes to prove them wrong. I had to find a solid foundation that I could stand on without being swept off of my feet again. The ground always seemed to be shifting under my feet and I wasn’t stable. I soon began to challenge everything I heard. I so desired to know the truth. I wanted some stability in my life.

As I looked back on my life, my father leaving me as a small child was the major source of my instability. Second in line were little fairy tales told to me as a child by adults. I was a child and I hung on to what others were telling me as the truth. Later in school, others would mock me at such beliefs. This caused me to really want to know the truth. I didn’t like being mocked. What about you? Do you remember any of that?

My pendulum went all the way to the other side for a while as I searched and searched. I even searched through different churches and their personal beliefs and I found that a lot of times they really didn’t believe everything they said they did. So in this search, I began to wonder if I’d ever find the truth. There must be truth out there somewhere, this universe just didn’t come into reality in a random way. The odds of that happening are too great. So I continued on.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I really began to realize that this was the way a lot of churches were established. They were established on the swing of the pendulum. They were established by a reaction to a reaction against them. It reminds me of Israel when they were taking the promise land. There were some who wanted to settle on the outside of the promise land while others chose particular places inside. The more I meditated on this the more sad I became. Here is this awesome promise land, they finally made it and then most of them just settled for less than their inheritance. I can’t and will not do that. I refuse to settle for less than Father wants for me and my family and for you. This is my battle and this is my dream, that everyone may experience all that Father has for each of them.

Many truths have been established over the years by numerous men and women of God. Most of these have now become their own denomination or non-denomination. I don’t believe that this is the Lord’s best. I believe He wants us all to go on and I believe, that if some of these men and women of God were still alive today, they would be appalled that their group simply stopped and camped on their revelation instead of handing it on to the next generation to go further into the purposes of the Lord. The Lord doesn’t stand still. He moves on. Take a look at Israel. They camped for a while and then moved on. The Lord gives new revelations of His Word to His people so that He can fulfill His promises to us and our generation. There is an awesome book by John Crowder, “Miracle Workers, Reformers, and The New Mystics.” Don’t be moved by the word mystic, it simply refers to being spiritual. John goes back through the centuries up to the modern day and explores the different moves of the Lord.

We are people who like comfort and it is easy to camp out for a long time when we get comfortable. Thank the Lord that He gently tries to move us on. We have a choice, just like Israel we can stay in a certain place or we can pack up our lives and live from glory to glory and go on to ever increasing faith. Our faith is built in the same way as our muscles. The more we use it the stronger it becomes. I challenge you today, go beyond living in mediocrity by making a choice. Choose to live your life in balance and respond to His word instead of react. Respond to others with His love when they react against you. Let love be the reason for your choices. Choose to change your life today and start to live again. Fan the spark, that you feel in your heart right now, into a raging flame of His love. Let it consume you and then pour it out to others. LIFE OF BALANCE!

How will others see if we keep it all inside? Will they ridicule and mock us? Probably! Don’t take it personal. It is Jesus they are mocking and not us. They don’t understand and they don’t know, yet! But some will and it might be because of your example. How much is it worth to you to see one soul saved? Is there a price you can put on it? Is there anything that can be as bad as hell? I wouldn’t even wish it on my worst enemy, not when they can experience the glorious grace, mercy and love of the Lord. Most of us have seen videos of people throwing themselves off of buildings to their deaths and we wonder why? Why didn’t someone try to help them? Why didn’t they just talk to someone? What if they did and no one heard them? Are we listening? How far will we go to save them? I know I am not where I want to be, but I am on the journey. Each day I want to get closer, how about you? Will you make the choice to get up out of your hurts, fears, and pain and dare to receive the inheritance that is yours and then help others find theirs?

I wanted to encourage you today. I so desire to see you healed, delivered, free, and engulfed in the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Why hold on to rags when you can have His riches? Take a step and check it out for yourself. My gift from you would be to see your smiling face in heaven, to hear that you took the challenge and you lived the rest of your life on a new and glorious journey. Whatever comes against you, respond with His love. If I don’t get to meet you here, I’ll see you there.

Destiny Awaits Art Print by Joseph James

Joseph James

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