Moving On

Are we hindered or hampered by a nagging sin or problem that just doesn’t seem to go away? Maybe it is at a certain time of the day or we are in a certain atmosphere or place. Sometimes it can be random and every time it happens it gets us down. How could we have let that happen again? We should have known better. We should have seen it coming. Moving On!

I believe that some of these things are powered by familiar spirits and some of them are just habits. How do you break a habit? There are some who say to just simply start another habit, but this is not always beneficial. How about let’s get rid of the habit with nothing but peace, love, and freedom to replace it. This way we aren’t bound to something else.

What do these habits consist of? They include, but are not limited to the following: depression, anger, drug abuse, bad relationship behaviors, sexual immorality, overindulgence of food or certain foods in general. Most of the time we say, “I am not going to do that again,” only to find out it goes on and on and on.

One of the first things to do, if we can, is to determine the root cause. Why are we doing this? Could it simply be out of a judgment we made at some time in our past? Was there something that was done to us to cause this to reoccur? Did we watch something or witness something traumatic? Were we traumatized? Was it simply bowing to temptation that locked us into the cycle?

Don’t stay in the same place. Sometimes a physical move is necessary. Other times just simply getting out of your comfort zone and hanging out somewhere else will change things. Also, it can be a bad relationship or hanging out with a crowd bent on that way. If it was a judgment we made about someone else and now we are locked into it, we need to forgive them, ask the Lord to forgive us for judging and to release us from the judgment. Sin can open the door to the demonic realm, and in this case a spirit can be attached to the behavior giving it more power. This can be the case in addiction. No matter how hard the person tries to break the habit, there is a stronger force compelling them to continue. Again, we should ask the Lord for His help, find the root, repent and break the power of the spirit’s hold on our life.

Our lives are very complex. We are spiritual beings, we have a soul that is eternal and yet we live in a mortal physical body. Each person sees reality differently. We gather information with our senses and our mind processes it. Based on our knowledge and past, our mind tries to decipher that information and make an assessment. This assessment may be true and accurate or it may be clouded by our judgments, triggers from our past and things that have happened to us. Case in point: Have you ever had a person try to help you in a particular situation, but you reacted like they were going to hurt you or something similar to this? This reaction was not based on truth, however, due to a past occurrence or trigger, you simply reacted before you thought.

How do we move on? I believe we can move on from glory to glory as we lay things down before the Lord and let Him heal us. He knows the right time and when He shows us something we need to deal with it, find the truth about it and correct it. Once it is dealt with and we are healed, we can move on in freedom and strength. We can face our fears with His help and be strengthened to overcome and be victorious.

I once had many fears. I grew up without my dad. I didn’t have that structure to give me a sense of protection. I felt like things kept getting to me to harm me. It was a horrible place to be, but over time I was able to give each fear to Him and He was able to heal me. Perfect love casts out all fear. Fear is the opposite of love. There is no love in fear. A person who grows up in a family atmosphere of love, doesn’t have as much fear as someone who doesn’t. It is the parents love and support that provides a strong foundation for the child to grow. If the child doesn’t have this foundation, he will be unbalanced in these areas. This is why we have so much crime and some children are out of control. It all starts with the family and God’s love.

While Adam and Eve were enveloped in God’s love, they didn’t know fear. If you will take notice to the moment they disobeyed Him, not only did they feel naked, but when the Lord came to meet them they became afraid. Sin separated them from God (LOVE) and FEAR entered into their hearts. I personally believe fear is at the heart of all of our problems. God’s love (true love) is the answer to all of our problems. God’s love is not our definition of love, it is much more. His love contains affection, discipline, mercy, grace, truth, compassion, judgment, etc. It is a complete love. If we truly love someone, we will do what it takes to save them and keep them safe, this includes saying what needs to be said and not just making them feel good.

May the Lord fill you with His love today and dispossess all the fear in your life. May He show you things in His Kingdom that will amaze you. May you begin a deeper journey today into the deeper things in His plans for your life… Adventure!

Joseph James

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