Day By Day

Have you ever heard the term, one day at a time? Does it seem like something that might have made sense a generation or two ago? Is your life so busy and hectic that you don’t seem to have time for anything else, especially to rest? You are not alone. DAY BY DAY…

There’s another saying that was spoken around the time that computers were first coming on the scene. They are going to save us so much time that we are going to have more time for other things. Have you heard that before? Well, the truth is they do save us a lot of time and money. The only problem is that someone forgot to tell our society.

We are being caught in this whirlwind that has nothing to do with the Lord. As computers become increasingly faster, people want to do more and increase their wealth and power over others. The speed by which society moves now would be blinding to someone who died in the early 1900’s. Why don’t we have more time to relax and do the things in our lives that are most important? Excuse me! Stop the world and let me off! There is another way to live.

Crime and violence are on the increase. Some of our children are so caught up in games that some of them don’t have any comprehension of reality. Some of these, who are so involved in violent gaming, have lost a sense of reality. They don’t understand that if you shoot someone in real life, they don’t just get up again and continue on after the game is over. Some who play racing games take their game on to the real street and end up dead or killing someone else. It is only after some catastrophe that reality starts to sink in. “My friends aren’t coming back, they’re dead.” The more entertainment conscious we become, the more we stray from reality.

We don’t have to have what everyone else has. Not everything is beneficial for us or our children. Besides, most of these things are very expensive and cost us more of the precious time that we don’t have, to acquire. I think the highest cost that we can pay is time missed from our family and friends. If you don’t get a certain item that you want, so what, it is just a thing. If we missed a family member’s special day or gathering, it is lost forever. We can’t go back and do it over.

The best things in life are free. Did we really stop long enough to let that statement sink in. It is true. There is nothing greater than taking the time to love, encourage, help or mentor someone. The rewards are more than we can imagine.

We have been told a lie and now we come to the moment of truth, what are we going to do about it? We’ve built our homes, bought our fancy vehicles, studied at the best schools, got the best jobs, filled these homes with all kinds of things and for what purpose? The emptiness is still there. Why is the emptiness there when everything else is full? Now we are stuck, because if we are like most people we still owe money on everything. So, it is off to work we go to do it all over again.

There is a way to stop. There is a way to fill the emptiness inside. There is an end to all of the chaos. Peace! Let the Lord’s word slowly come over us. Let us be still for a moment. Relax. This is a reality and we can come to this place as often as we want, to gain rest for our soul and find out what really matters.

Who cares if someone has a better house, a better job, a better car, better toys than we do. The truth is someone else always will anyway. No matter how far we went or how deep we are, there is a way out. I absolutely believe that if we would start our own businesses and run them according to the Lord’s ways, we wouldn’t have much competition, we would be profitable, we wouldn’t have to be stressed, nor would we have to compete in the marketplace. Read Deuteronomy 28 about blessings and curses. Which would you rather have? I am not saying it will be easy, but it will be different. The Lord has the answers we need. We can choose to try to find them in the world and get totally stressed or we can humbly come to Him, rest and receive from Him.

How much time could we save if we received our answers directly from Him? How much anguish could we save by receiving a dream from Him instead of trying to create some scheme to make a living for our family? How blessed would we be if we didn’t have any medical problems? How blessed would we be if our children were trained the right way to live and then did it?

Stop the world system in my life and let me off. I won’t do it anymore. I might choose to help someone or company for a greater purpose, but I refuse to get caught up in the system. There is a better way. Come out and be free. Find the truth and then walk in it. I can operate within the system without it controlling me. There are things that are going to take place in our world. There are good things and bad things. There always has and there will be for another period of time. We have the choice of how we will respond or react to it. These choices carve the paths for us to walk. The choice belongs to us. Don’t let anyone else think they can make it for you. If God gives us the choice, who is it that thinks they are mightier than He to override our freedom to choose. When the bully says we have no choice, we simply reply, “Yes, we do. We have the choice to give in to you or the choice to stand our ground, but either way it is our choice.”

Dare to dream and spend some time on yourself today. It may change your life for eternity. Look around you and see if there is someone who could use an extra hand or an encouraging word. You can’t outgive the Lord. You will always get back more than you give, especially where it counts the most. Share your laughter, your smile, your gratefulness with someone today. Watch as you light a candle in their eyes and see if it doesn’t increase the brightness in yours. Make the choice and walk your path to your destiny, the path that was laid before you were born. Be encouraged today and have a wonderful life.

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Joseph James

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