Beam Me Up

Beam me up God, it is really bad down here and it is only getting worse. Can’t you see what is going on? Where are you? Hey, how about some help down here? Have you ever felt like that? Are you feeling like that now? Are you so deep in despair that you can’t even see a way out? Are you thinking about turning to ways that will help you leave the planet? BEAM ME UP…

Stop! You aren’t the only one and you are not alone. Look through the scriptures and you will see countless others that have been there too. Woe is me! If only I . . . Lord, You don’t understand.

You are in good company, Elijah, Jonah, Job, David, etc. Does it help to know others have been here too, especially the ones who have done some of the greatest exploits in the Lord? Maybe so, maybe no! You are in a storm and you just want some peace and clarity. Hold on!

First! Realize this and let this sink in deep. Meditate on it if you must. This is only temporary, it is not permanent. You have an enemy and he wants to get you out of the picture any way he can. He would really like you to end it yourself, because that would be the easiest thing for him. He knows that if you see the truth and walk in it, he will lose a lot more than you realize.

Second! You must understand that it isn’t personal. The enemy doesn’t care who you are, he just wants you dead. His vendetta is against God and His creation and he wants to wreak as much havoc as he can. Father loves you and that makes the enemy mad.

Third! You need to get out of yourself. Self-pity is a spirit and his strategy is to get you looking at yourself. That’s what happened with Jonah. Woe is me! Look at me! Well if you were . . . Do these arguments sound familiar? I’ve been there all too often.

Then the Lord says, “Are you finished yet?”

“What are you talking about?” I reply.

“Get your eyes on Me, Son. I am more than enough and I can help you, if you let Me,” He says.

Once I look up to Him, the storm starts to calm. As my focus stays on Him, more clarity comes to my mind. The thoughts that were pushing me down are now lost in His peace. The battle has been won even though the circumstances still remain. Now, I know that I am not alone in the fight. Greater is the strength welling up in me than any circumstance can resist. I know that I have already overcome. I don’t know how every thing will work out, but I am on the way. Not only am I on the way, but I am now encouraged and even joyful. Sometimes this process is instantaneous and sometimes it takes a while, but I have always come through.

Would it be easier to give up and die? Of course it would be. Would your destiny be fulfilled? No, it wouldn’t. Would you hear, “Well done, My good and faithful servant?” or would you hear something else?

I once saw a vision as I was in worship with Him. I saw myself on a desert walking in the hot, dry sand. Then, in the distance, I saw Jesus standing on a ridge. I started running towards Him with all of my might. I was thinking that this was going to be great. I was so happy. When I got closer to Him, I realized He was pointing to a place behind me. I stopped in my tracks and turned around. There were a multitude of people way back behind me. They were crying out. I had come from there, but I hadn’t seen them. He simply said, “Your work is not through here. This time you can’t come until you bring them with you.”

I sat down on the ground in dismay because I didn’t understand. The journey, up to now, had been difficult if not impossible. Why would He do that to me? Woe is me! Poor me! It was later that I began to understand that it isn’t about me. It is about them. I know Him. I have so much. I know His love, peace, grace, mercy, tenderness, and protection. They don’t. It is not fair to them. How will they know if I don’t tell and show them? By His great design and purpose, my anointing, experience and training is to reach a specific people and if I don’t, someone else will have to go in my place. Each one of us have a specific calling, purpose and path to walk. We don’t have the same relationships and personalities. Not everyone likes us individually. There can be two people who can tell the same story. One you will like and receive and the other you might not, strictly because of who they are or how they act. If the one you like doesn’t show up, will you be able to hear the other? This is not about pride. This is about His choice and His best for each person and situation. He cares enough to send the best. Here is my mission in life. When I meet Jesus, after my life here is finished, I want to hear these words from Him. “Well done, My good and faithful servant.” This, to me, is success and will make my life here worthwhile.

I was talking to Him the other day and He made this even clearer in my mind. I remembered a scripture about Ezekiel in Ezekiel chapters 2 & 3. He had given me these words years ago and now I was being reminded again. He said that when we end our lives prematurely, we also short-circuit our destiny and His plans for us. There is a much greater purpose for our lives than we can possibly imagine here on earth. The trials and tribulations that come our way are only meant to strengthen us if we’ll let them. They are like lifting weights at the gym to strengthen our physical bodies. When our lives end prematurely, so do the relationships that would develop if we had remained. Those who would have heard the good news or would have been changed because of us, might not ever be. That might have been the time their lives could have been changed for the good. Would that be fair to them? Jesus gave His life for us, shouldn’t we do the same for others. Is it really that bad, that with His help and others that we can’t make it just one more day? One day at a time. Just one more day. Did you get it?

My friend, don’t give up. Heaven may not need you yet, but people here certainly do. Your life is a testament. Everyday someone reads your book, even if you never say a word. Actions speak louder than words. They are watching you. They need to see hope. How will you overcome your situation? They need to know that it can be done. Can you hear the cry? Will you answer like so many before? “Here I am, Lord! Send me!” I hope this helps. May you have a wonderful day and a blessed life. May you also hear the words, “Well done, My good and faithful servant.” Let someone know you care.

Click on the image to read the poem I wrote. You are His rose…

My Rose - Poem & Art Print by Joseph James

Joseph James

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