A Fork In The Road

Are you at a crossroad? Are you finding yourself unsatisfied where you are? Have you had enough of the status quo and want to do something new? Are you in a place of necessity and need to make a change? Whatever the reason, now is a good time to refresh your compass. A FORK IN THE ROAD…

Take some time and spend it with the Lord.  Even if you don’t know Him, just start talking to Him and asking Him questions. You might be surprised. You don’t have to necessarily say much at all. Sometimes simply being in His presence can refresh you. I love to sing to Him and of course it helps that I can play instruments to help me sing. It helps me to get my whole being involved in being near Him. This helps to lift my spirit and energize me as well as bring peace to my soul. The thoughts that were plaguing me before are now either long forgotten or they don’t have the power they once had. I am now more focused and my priorities are much clearer.

But what about that crossroad? Sometimes we get to walking along a path and become oblivious to the changes that are happening around us. Some relationships change over a period of time and it becomes time to move on. It is the same with locations and jobs. I believe that we can get lulled to sleep if there is too much repetition. We need to wake up. We need to smell the flowers, listen to the birds, see the sunrises and sunsets. Sometimes the next part of our journey takes a different path from those around us. The journey becomes lonely for a while and it may be uncomfortable, but it is necessary for us to get to the next place.

One thing that helps me in this time is wondering who I will get to meet next. What kind of relationships will form? Will I find some more friends? Maybe something exciting will happen and I will have the privilege to be a part of it. What place in history will I have the chance to be a part of? Who might I be able to help and conversely, who might help me?

Every once in a while it is good to have our compass refreshed. Comfort can be like a magnet and make it function incorrectly. Be encouraged today. Get up and get back on course if you are off course. Dare to journey again. Dare to be a pioneer. Dare to be a part of the new thing the Lord is doing today. Take time to hear and then obey. A fork in the road, take the road you need to take.

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Joseph James

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