A Special Path

Why aren’t you someone else? Why are you, you? Why were you born in a particular culture with the parents you have? Why were you born in the financial situation that you are in? Why this particular time in history? Why are you reading this, now? A SPECIAL PATH…

None of this was by coincidence. It was by design and purpose regardless of what others would have you believe. There is a special purpose and destiny for your life. You might ask, “How can one person make a difference?” One person makes a difference all the time. The President of the United States is one person. The owners of some companies are one person. You are one person and you make a difference in every life that sees you every day. People are changed just because you live. How they change depends on what they see every day. Did you know this? Take a moment to let it sink in.

The ones we affect the most are our immediate family, then our friends, acquaintances, and then those we meet in passing. Just think about this, for instance. Let’s say you are walking down the sidewalk on a cold and busy morning. You didn’t sleep much the night before and you had some misunderstandings with some of your co-workers. You walk into the coffee shop to get a cup of tea or coffee and it is nice and cozy in there. As you look over to the left, you see someone sitting alone and they look up at you and smile. You feel the warmth and it touches your heart. In that instance, all the pain and problems of the morning disappear. You proceed to check out and go on your way.

Has something inside of you changed? Why did it change? It was only an instance and you never said a word. Someone touched your heart with a smile and changed a moment in your life.

Now let’s get back to the Special Path. What are you going to do with where you were placed? Are you going to find your path or will you try to walk on someone else’s? It might be that someone else’s path looks much better, but that is deceptive. I believe that the worst thing someone can do is live someone else’s life. One day they wake up and realize that they never really lived. They only existed. Many people follow a certain career simply based on the amount of money they can make. There is no joy, and no fulfillment. They do not have the talents and the gifts necessary to enjoy the journey. They’ve wasted their life and worst of all they are miserable.

Fulfillment in life is not based upon being successful, it is based upon doing what you were created to do and being the person you were created to be. When you are fulfilled, everyone around you can see it and life is a joy. It doesn’t matter what situation you are in, you know you are on that Special Path.

I hope you dare to find your path in life. It is my prayer that you are willing to humble yourself if necessary and keep searching until you find it. Don’t ever give up. You can also check out the Questionnaire we have available on our Destiny site to help you in your quest. I also have a book I’ve published about this new journey in life. You can read more about it and the project on the Destiny Path Of Life, The Journey Begins  books page.

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Man Of Clay ~ Man Of Glory Poem & Art Print by Joseph James

Joseph James

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