Closing Doors

Closing Doors, you ask? That’s right. They’re the ones where you almost lose your nose. In fact, some of these doors have been open before you for a long time and you’re accustomed to walking through them. Then, all of a sudden it happens. You are walking along not paying much attention and there it is in front of you. Not only is it closed, but it is also locked. What are these? CLOSING DOORS…

Maybe a friendship you’ve had for a long time suddenly falls apart. Maybe it is a job you’ve had for a long time and all of a sudden the boss says there is no more work. Whatever it is, its time has come and you can’t go that way anymore. What do you do now?

First of all, take a breather and catch your breath. Get off to the side of the road and observe. Ask the Lord about this situation. Was it something someone did to you or was it something you did that was the cause? Does it really matter? Can it be fixed? If it can’t, or at least not right now, stop. You could be at a crossroads. If so, the next turn you make is very important. The Lord doesn’t close a door without opening another one. Listen closely.

Times and seasons come and go. The clothes you wear during the winter won’t work in the summer. It is the same for situations and circumstances and sometimes even for friendships. Some relationships will only get in the way in the season ahead and possibly even cause a shipwreck. Father knows and He cares for us all. It is His plan and destiny for your life that will prevail, if you allow it. There will be more friends, just a different time and place. There will be new things to learn and new things to see and experience. Life must go on. It must mature. It must complete its journey. Embrace the new. Take on the challenge. Let go of the past and watch it all form before you.

Dreams! The greatness of a dream is what spurs us on. It also leads us through the greatest of trials. The dreams we see often look nothing like the path we are on. But still , we are compelled to go on. What is around the next corner? Who do we get to meet tomorrow? Dare to dream and then dream again. Reality must give way to the dream. Don’t give up your dream.

Just in case you don’t believe this thing about reality, remember the dream of the Wright brothers. The reality was that man could not fly. The dream was to soar above the clouds. The reality changed and gave way to the dream.

Are you back in the same place you said you would never revisit? Huh? Sounds like you made a judgment. Been there and done that many times before too. A word of advice, learn the lesson and let go of the judgment or you are destined to return. Life is tooooooooooo short to live in bitterness, unforgiveness, and judgment. The only person you hurt besides yourself is your family and friends, the ones you love. Most of the time, the culprits don’t even know or care, yet you are wasting all of this energy for nothing. Forgive and move on with your life. That is the best thing you can do. If you can’t forgive, ask Father to forgive them through you. He will. He is faithful. Forgiveness opens the way for the Lord to bless you. You actually open a door so goodness can come into your life. Those other things close you in and lock you up, keeping all the blessings from getting to you. So let go and live. Pick up the pieces and let them be mended again and go on. It’s not easy, however, it is worth it. I know, I’ve been there. Come on, take my hand, you are not alone.

Look at the sunsets and sunrises. Look at the clouds, the birds, the animals and the trees. Look at the mountains if you can and the water. Soak up the presence of the Lord and His majesty. Take a plane trip and look down on your troubles. See them float away. IF you don’t have much money, take a cheap flight somewhere, sit in a window seat so you can see the earth way down below. When you arrive at the airport be sure to have scheduled some hours in between the flights so you can get out and be in a different place for a while and take it all in and relax. Tomorrow is a brand new day and the day after that and the day after that. Every day takes you further away from that day of distress and gets you closer to a better time. Buy a camera and take pictures of things that give you joy and then print them out and put them on your walls or somewhere you can see them.

Listen to the birds and hear their songs. Listen to the breeze blowing through the trees. Listen to the water in a brook or waterfall. Listen to the awesomeness of God’s creation and you will hear His voice and find His peace. Have a wonderful day.

I Wish Art Print & Poem by Joseph James

Joseph James

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