Be Encouraged!

Be encouraged! What a statement! But what if you’re someone who is so down that it would take a miracle to get you up? You’ve probably heard this before, but tomorrow is a brand new day. Even though what you may be going through looks like it is larger than life and you don’t see any way through, it is still only temporary. Remember the weather, the storms do pass, but it’s those moments, when you are in them that seem like an eternity. The sun is still shining in the midst of the storm, it is just blocked from our vision. The earth is still the same and when the water droplets dissipate and the wind stills to a whisper, it will be another brand new day. A day just waiting for you to start again, mold it and create into whatever masterpiece is waiting for you, just like an artist. Father created you, He cares and He knows how to help you. He wants you to have a brand new start. You are precious, even more so than all the flowers in the world or even the animals. He’ll give you a sign in the skies, maybe a rainbow to symbolize the storm is over. Maybe you’ll get a special parking place. Maybe the traffic lights will turn green. Maybe you’ll just see something funny and laugh for a minute or two and forget for a moment. Just remember, you are not alone. If you call out to Him, He will hear you. How do I know? Because I’ve been there more times than I can remember and I’m still here and it gets better. There were many times I didn’t want to go on for another day.

Let me ask you a question? How do you know someone unless you spend time with them? How do two people fall in love? They hang around with each other, right? So, how do you get to know the Lord? Well, that was definitely more than one question, but can you see what I am trying to say. This situation you are going through is only temporary. Everything depends on how you react or respond in this situation.

Do you remember times in your life when you thought things were hopeless? What happened? What did you do? Did your response help or hinder the situation? Did you make it through? Of course you did. I didn’t say it would be easy, but you can make it. Here, take my hand and let’s walk together for a moment. Can you hear the quiet, even in the midst of the noise? Most people don’t like the quiet, but these are the moments of peace. Breathe deep and listen. Let all the anger and bitterness go, they are not your friends, they are your enemy. Ask the Lord for His help, and see if He hears. You’ll know. He promises that if you seek Him with all your heart you will find Him. He will never leave you or leave you alone. Love is a journey. Love takes time. A relationship lasts a lifetime. Start the journey, it’s okay. If you don’t believe me, He’s the One who is giving me the words to write, right now. He knows! He cares! He loves you! In fact, as I am writing, there is a thunderstorm approaching. The earth will get refreshed, the birds will sing and tomorrow will be a brand new day.

The Lord bless you and may His grace, mercy, loving kindness, and everything else you need abundantly fill your spirit, soul and body.

Destiny Awaits Art Print - by Joseph James

Joseph James

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