A Mother’s Last Prayer

Excerpt from “Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life”

Mother’s Last Resort – Page 144

Bob and Gin had exhausted every means to save their baby girl. They had walked with her through the asthma for years, through the dog bite, through the gender issues and especially through the injury and the suicide attempts during the mental slide. They never gave up. There were many people who also tried to help her over the years, including many who weren’t family. Many prayers had been prayed, but they seemed to land on hard and dry ground, unanswered.

Janiece was now at her sister’s house just waiting for the inevitable to happen. She was oblivious to the things around her as she continued the slide down into the depths and clutches of death. It seemed impossible now for most; however, one person in particular chose to go beyond her natural motherly instincts and take the ultimate step of faith. Just prior to that day when love broke through, her mother stood in her kitchen and wept. Gin loved the Lord Jesus so dearly, and she couldn’t understand why He wasn’t healing her. She had so many questions that seemed to go unnoticed and unanswered, but this moment in time was different. In spite of the agony and grief in her soul, she dared to lift up her hands. Bob was in the room at the time. From what I recall her telling me, it went something like this. “Lord Jesus, I place her in Your hands. No one else can help her. Everyone has done their best, but I know You can help if You will. So, here she is. You take her and do what You will.”

Gin, I know you’re watching us all from above. How privileged I have been to have known you too and be a part of the family. I really wish you could have at least stayed long enough with us to have held this book in your hands. I know you were sometimes standing behind me as I was writing the words. I could almost feel your hands on my shoulder. It was your dream and your passion and you made sure that I promised to finish it. You are the main reason it exists outside of the Lord’s will and purpose. Your dream lives on in the words of the pages as does your life… We will see the movie through by His grace… Till that day we all meet again…

Janiece, Bob & Gin Turner - After The Miraculous RestorationJaniece, Bob and Gin Turner, two and one-half years after the porch miracle at her mother’s birthday party in January 1994,

Joseph James

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