A Mother’s Last Resort

“Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life – Tell My People I Love Them! – The Janiece Turner-Hartmann Story (Excerpt from Chapter 7)

“Mother’s Last Resort

Bob and Gin had exhausted every means to save their baby girl. They had walked with her through the asthma for years, through the dog bite, through the gender issues and especially through the injury and the suicide attempts during the mental slide. They never gave up. There were many people who also tried to help her over the years, including many who weren’t family. Many prayers had been prayed, but they seemed to land on hard and dry ground, unanswered.

Janiece was now at her sister’s house just waiting for the inevitable to happen. She was oblivious to the things around her as she continued the slide down into the depths and clutches of death. It seemed impossible now for most; however, one person in particular chose to go beyond her natural motherly instincts and take the ultimate step of faith. Just prior to that day when love broke through, her mother stood in her kitchen and wept. Gin loved the Lord Jesus so dearly, and she couldn’t understand why He wasn’t healing her. She had so many questions that seemed to go unnoticed and unanswered, but this moment in time was different. In spite of the agony and grief in her soul, she dared to lift up her hands. Bob was in the room at the time. From what I recall her telling me, it went something like this. ‘Lord Jesus, I place her in Your hands. No one else can help her. Everyone has done their best, but I know You can help if You will. So, here she is. You take her and do what You will.’

Road To Death

The accident occurred on August 12, 1983 and she was placed in a home to die, in July of 1991, almost exactly eight years. This road was long and painful for Janiece and it touched everyone around her, especially her family. Everything was coming to a close and it seemed like it was going to be soon. They all gave it their best, sometimes working alone and sometimes alongside each other. The things they had witnessed had been etched into their memories. They had struggled to understand each diagnosis and then it would change. They questioned, “Why?” without getting any answers. Now, it all came down to this hopelessness. It was time to just sit back and wait for the inevitable, to prepare their hearts for their last ‘good-bye.'”

But a miracle was in the making…

Get the book that tells of the miraculous healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ in our generation. Her story and life has changed the lives of those around her. Is it time it touches your life and the lives of those you love?


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