Truth & Terrorism

There are many ‘catch phrases’ in our world thrown out by some to try and control the masses. In my opinion, “Political Correctness” is one that has nothing to do with the truth, but rather is a way to sway people to a certain way of thinking and acting. It institutes fear and rather than standing up and denouncing it, people succumb to the fear. Then we hear the word “Terrorist” used to describe groups that are not. The throwing around of these little ‘catch phrases’ is being used for a lower purpose, branding and labeling.  They talk about profiling and yet they are the ones doing it. This is deception and it is being interweaved into our society in a way that it can be used at any given moment to sway public opinion, regardless of the truth behind it. Truth & Terrorism!

Truth and Terrorism have absolutely nothing in common. Truth – “a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality.” Terrorism – “the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.” Love – “unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another.” God, being Love, because God is Love, is also the Truth. His Love drives out fear and therefore it is impossible for the truth, (& the Spirit of Truth) to be spoken with terror attached.  Truth in its essence, embodies and personifies love.  They are synonymous. If someone claims to be speaking the truth, but instead are bullying and promoting terror, they are proclaiming deception and lies. The devil  knows the truth and uses every means possible to twist it through terror and fear. Wicked people use fear and terror to control people through the use of this demonic power. Christians should operate in His love, reaching out in truth and love in the hopes that the person in bondage and slavery to sin, might become free from it and rise up in the fullness of what the Lord created them to be. This is true justice, to be free of the things that hinder and imprison. There is a major difference in someone who speaks through love and one who speaks through fear. Love flows through the anointing of the Lord while fear is felt through a demonic presence, total opposites.

A line in the sand is appearing and becoming more noticeable and unavoidable; distinctly separating cold from hot yet eroding the middle ground of lukewarm. The truth by itself is emotionless. It just is and it cuts away that which is false. There are so many having to make choices of where they stand in relation to the truth they believe and the sway of the crowd propagating the lies. It is the truth that carries with it the power to be free from the lie and walk in freedom. True Love dares, (has the courage) to speak the truth and share His love, grace & mercy in it, denouncing the sin but loving the person caught within the power of its clutches, being available until total freedom is attained. Freedom or slavery… Choices… Friend of the crowds or face-to-face with Him? I’ve made my choice. Lord, let Your truth be unveiled & Your glory seen!

Following is an illustration:

Leon is on top of a sixty story office building. Leon is a little mixed up and thinks that he can just jump off of the building and fly. He’s heard all about gravity and knows how it works. Leon though, has had numerous dreams about just floating into the air and moving about as he desires. His belief has now become a part of him and he can’t distinguish it from reality anymore. Political Correctness would have us believe that it is wrong to try to tell Leon that he wasn’t created that way and that it is okay for him to believe he was created to fly. We don’t want to hurt his emotional state so he continues on and possibly commits suicide. Sally, a close friend of Leon, dares to tell him the truth and help him walk through it if he chooses to listen. She loves him so much. Leon still has a choice to make. One, he can live his life in deception, and his friend Sally is still going to be there for him even if he chooses to jump, or two, he can receive the truth that there is help and be free.

The bottom line is this. My wife and I have witnessed miracles in our lives. There are things that man says are impossible that we have seen possible. Healing is available for all through the Lord Jesus Christ and so are His miracles. The problem is that they are not going to come about by believing lies. When the truth is proclaimed and received, it opens the way for His healing to flow. He is the miracle worker and He has never stopped. So if people want to go on believing their lies, it doesn’t change His love and acceptance for them. He just can’t get to them to help them because the enemy has them in his clutches and prisons. But if the Lord’s light can penetrate into the darkness, He can bring hope and help where there was hopelessness and despair. It just takes a small crack for His love to penetrate.

Homosexuality and its lifestyle is a choice. How do I know? Janiece was delivered from it. It is a spirit of perversion that cloaks itself over an individual and tries to tell them that they are a mistake. It perverts the truth by lying to them. God doesn’t make mistakes and just because we feel a certain way doesn’t make it the truth. We can live our lives in deception and totally miss our purpose and destiny or we can choose to face the truth no matter how hard it seems, and let Him change us into the person He created us to be. FREEDOM in the fullest sense of the word!

If you or a loved one are going through this, please know there is an answer. God is no respecter of people. He can and will help anyone who turns to Him. If there is a way we can help, please let us know. Please check out Janiece’s biography as it covers a lot including the miracles she walked through before we met and since. The book alone will provide a lot of answers and encouragement. We also have some video footage of Janiece sharing her story. We are available to travel to speak, minister and pray. Father wants His people to know that He loves them and He still performs miracles today. His way is love, not the love the world gives or understands, but True Love. He was willing to sacrifice His only Son so that we might be able to become His children. That is love!

Joseph James

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