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Great news! We received our first shipment of “Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life” books on Wednesday, July 27. Finally, after 17 years in the creation of the storyline, and over one year of writing, it is completed. I feel like a weight has lifted off of me. Now, our outreach begins and a new chapter in the unwritten continuation. “Tell My People I Love Them!”

Amazingly, Amazon and Barnes & Noble picked up the books with super speed. We also have them available on the Kindle and the Nook in e-book format. Here are the links to the various places and formats to order. Our sister site for printed books,; on for the Kindle and printed book formats; and on for the Nook and printed book formats.

Order your copy today and be sure to order an extra to pass on to someone else who needs to hear the message:

One Woman’s Journey From Certain Death To Abundant Life! – The impossible and yet miraculous journey of one woman living in our generation that is destined to change the hearts of everyone it touches.

Every once in a while, a story comes along that is too awesome to believe, yet too well documented by so many witnesses to disprove. A story of the miraculous that shatters the voice of the unbelieving and one that compels the reader to go beyond their own opinions and beliefs and dare to enter the realm of life changing miracles!

Into the depths of the grave, destiny reaches out. Through all of the trauma, a twisted understanding of gender, depression, mental illness, multiple suicide attempts, and a prognosis of certain death, a voice is heard from heaven. After all have given up hope, the Creator Himself reaches down from His dwelling place and does the thing He does best, Restoration!

Her story has touched many lives already and has inspired them to reach higher and to believe in miracles. Even those who didn’t believe in miracles could not deny what they have seen. He has proven His word again, for nothing is impossible for God. He still heals, saves, restores and delivers today!

Please see our web site, for more info and booking information.

Joseph James

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