Miraculous Help In The Journey

Yesterday, was an awesome day in the fact that I felt like I climbed the highest mountain, while at the same time crawled through the deepest valley or canyon. It was one of those being in a bubble of peace while in the midst of the storm. At times the storm would graze my being as I would gaze upon the stormy circumstances and begin to lose my focus. But by day’s end, even though I was exhausted, my spirit was soaring. What did all of this mean? My eyes were opened for me to see what the Lord has been doing in this long winter season that is now over for us. Miraculous Help In The Journey!

For years, I have been told to write Janiece’s story. For years, we have continued to walk it deeper. In fact, it’s going on seventeen years.

In 2003, while we were out in Colorado Springs, we met a precious lady, a book publisher, miraculously. Long story short, she heard Janiece’s story and was added to my list of those urging and compelling me to write the book. Yesterday, she told me she would help us in any way she could, counsel, advice, guidance, so that we can get this book into the hands of those who need it. She isn’t doing it for the money. She is doing it so that He alone gets the glory and honor He deserves, the Lord Jesus Christ.

In 2004, I went back to school in Dallas and got a degree in multimedia, web design and development. While there, I included extra classes to add more graphic design to my skills. We now have four websites that I’ve built for our business and ministry. For some reason, the Lord wanted me to acquire these skills.

In March of 2008, I met a national award winning marketing director, who gave me a job at a corporation in downtown Dallas because of these newly acquired skills. I’ve helped her with numerous projects since then and yesterday we talked on the phone about SDDL. While she doesn’t have the time to personally to handle the projects for us, she has made herself available for counsel, advice, and guidance. There is more to the story, but for the sake of space, I’ll leave it here for now.

In addition to this, because of some previous help with another project, we have a professional editor who wants to edit the book for us. It wasn’t until yesterday that my eyes were open to see how the Lord is helping us with this project. This amounts to literally tens of thousands of dollars we won’t need to spend as we go forward. He made it very clear how much He is behind this project.

Yesterday, as I was in one of my favorite restaurants working on my computer, the kind of work that is helping us to eat, all of this was happening. All of this good stuff was going on and all the while our present financial situation was trying to bring me down. My spirit was wrestling, and the Lord was trying to help me to see what was necessary so we could go on. Was I going to focus on the mountaintop or the valley below? Would I see the victory or succumb to failure and defeat? Janiece kept texting me from home, to focus on the good things and praise Him although I hadn’t even mentioned the warfare in my soul to her. People kept commenting on my facebook posts that they were praying for us.

We have poured everything we have into this project. We moved out of our house into a small cottage to limit our financial outflow. We are at the end of what we have, and yet that is when He decided to step in. We were given a tank full of gas for our van from a dear relative, I received a free mocha at the restaurant to enjoy as I worked, and we didn’t even have enough money to pick up a few things we needed at the grocery store. This was supernatural focus.

Limited Special Edition

This is what I was told to do yesterday morning by the Lord and he has confirmed it through others. We still have to put the details together so this is just a brief overview. We are going to put together a very special edition of the “Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life – Tell My People, I Love Them!” book. The cover will be slightly different. There will most likely be a limit of 500 printed, depending on the response we get, with a special ISBN number assigned to this set. We are still determining the number so it might be higher or lower. It will be a larger hardback book than the regular edition and will include extra material, information and photos. We are looking into having a pre-release gathering where Janiece and I will share exclusive info about the project as well as more about the book itself, the ministry and just plain celebrate some for the completion of this segment of the journey. Those who purchase the special edition in advance, will be invited to this special pre-release gathering. The price of this special edition book is $125. It will also include a personal autograph by Janiece, a gift box and a certificate authenticating the special edition. There may even be more…

"Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life" Book Cover

This book has the potential to become a national best seller, not because I am writing it, but because of the story itself and the glory the Lord will receive in it. I am simply using my gift and writing it the way He is telling me. The special edition sales will help us with upfront costs and enable us to complete the writing in a timely fashion. It will give its owner a satisfaction of helping to bring this story to people who need hope and healing in our generation as well as owning one of the few special editions. It is our hope that it will be a special blessing to each of you for years to come.

Our goal is to use a portion of the proceeds from book sales to help us establish an outreach to organizations and to the needy in these four major areas: Suicide Issues, Mental Illness, Gender Issues, and Traumatic Injury. Someone told me yesterday that the Lord was going to provide a national well-renown person to endorse the book. Well, where are you? What are you waiting for? We are looking for help. We need to spread the word, to find organizations who can benefit from the book and ministry, to find those in need and bring help, hope and healing. Our goal is to help establish Kingdom businesses and provide safe places, communities, where people who need help can get it. If we all work together, we can bring change to our generation.

If you want to help, please write to us using the contact page on this web site. If you are interested in purchasing one or more special edition books, please let us know through the contact page link above and we will keep you personally up-to-date as it develops and you can be one of the first to order. If you know of organizations, people who need help, or want to help, please give them a link to this web site and page. Let us know. We can’t do it alone. So many people have helped us over the years, and we owe it to them to do the best with what they have poured into us. Some sacrificed major portions of family time to do it. Some poured their very lives into us. We want to honor them. Most of all, we want to honor the Lord, Who started it all in the first place.

Our mandate is to tell His people, those who know Him and those who don’t yet, “Tell My People, I Love Them!” We will. Can you join in with your voice and life and spread His message too? Kingdom life… Kingdom Business… Kingdom Community… Your Kingdom come, Oh Lord, on this earth…!

We have set up a donation page on our e-commerce site, Beneficial Zone, for anyone who would like to donate to this project. My first book, “Destiny Path Of Life – The Journey Begins,” is also there along with a link to Amazon to buy in print or the Amazon Kindle version. Also, we have four wallpapers I’ve designed over the past few years if you would like to purchase and download one or more. There are free, lower res. versions available on our Destiny site below. They were created for encouragement. My second book, “Islands In The Sea,” is ready to be published and hopefully we will get it completed soon. It is a small romantic novel about what happens when the King of Glory steps into the church unexpectedly. You can read more about it by clicking on the title or going to DestinyPathOfLife.com as well as check out our blog there for other topics of encouragement and help. Soon, we will be adding some of my songs to the shopping cart as well. Somewhere, in all of this, we will find the time.

We hope this blesses you deeply. May you be encouraged to never give up, but continually focus on His goodness for you and your life. He began it and He will complete it. “Take the Journey, Share the Ride, Climb the Mountain, Then Decide!” Blessings to you, our friends.

Joseph James

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