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Janiece E. Turner–Hartmann Wedding DressThis site is dedicated to my wife Janiece Turner–Hartmann, to sharing her miraculous death to life story with others in order to share the HOPE that we have as we’ve journeyed through traumatic events in our lives and somehow, the Lord brought us through. When all HOPE seemed lost, He reached down from heaven and did what He does best, the miraculous. No matter what you are going through, there is HOPE. There is Someone Who is near and He cares more than you know. Don't give up! Give Him a chance. He can and will change your life, if you let Him. Please give Him a chance before you make a permanent decision for a temporary problem. Let us know and we will do everything we can to help.


Janiece shortly before being placed in a home to die comfortably.There was a time in Janiece’s life when things were hopeless like the photo to the left shows. The doctors gave up and finally everyone else. Janiece was oblivious to her surroundings and was spiraling deeper into a point of no return. Her brain cells were dying and no one knew why. Her mother reached up to heaven and handed her over to the Lord. There was nothing else she or anyone else could do. The Lord then worked His miracles and is still continuing today. He is bringing His healing through Janiece now to others.


Janiece and her son Daniel just 5 shorts years after the miracles began.There were eight years of pain and hopelessness from the time of the accident to being placed in a home to die. The miracles began in 1991 and in 1994 Janiece was married. Two years later she gave birth to a baby boy, Daniel. Her parents and family had been so happy to have her back and didn't even dream of having the extras. God is the God of more than enough. That which is impossible with man is possible with Him! Never, ever give up! – Joseph James

Endorsement by Deborah LaCoure

"…I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I could not put it down as I read the catastrophic events which set things in motion for your lives. The fact that you lived through such a challenge is proof that the best days are yet to be had. I found your book insightful, humorous, generously honest and a huge message of hope. I recommend it to all. It touched my heart in the deepest place. You have lived through more than most even imagine…HOPE! Such a message of HOPE and truly a story of BEAUTY FOR ASHES!"

Deborah LaCoure

We Are Reaching Out To Help!


Suicide Attempts, Mental Illness, Trauma, Life Threatening Injury, Depression, Drugs, Gender Identity, Battered By Religion, Identity Crisis, Self-Harm, Addictions, Terminal Illness…

Whether you are a victim, a family member, or a friend, there is hope!

Her story & ministry have already helped numerous people. Now, it is being shared publicly and in her new biography.

Hope!   ♦   Help!   ♦   Healing!   ♦   Freedom!

Available To Help

We are available to reach out to others as the Lord directs and as He provides the means necessary to travel when necessary. Please pass this info on to anyone you know who needs help or who is interested in helping us get the word out. Following are some of the different types of venues we are using to spread the word & minister to those in need:

  •   ♦   Small & Large Groups
  •   ♦   Church Meetings
  •   ♦   Schools, Seminars
  •   ♦   Special Gatherings
  •   ♦   Special Help Groups, etc.
  •   ♦   Prayer & Ministry is available upon request! (As time & opportunity permits)

These issues affect all walks of life and our goal is to help everyone we can to find hope, encouragement and possibly a path to a better life. Please use our contact info on our Contact Page and on the downloadable flyer below to keep up with new info as we make it available.

Can we count on you to help us spread this word? It is by no coincidence you found this information. Please pass it on. If your sharing helps to save one life, it is more than worth a little extra time.

  • Thank you,
  • Joseph James & Janiece Elaine Hartmann

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Special Book Facts:

Janiece was the first woman electrician and the first woman in offset printing in San Antonio, Texas in the late 70's and early 80's. Her determination opened doors into two industries for women that were considered for men only. Struggling with traumas, identity issues, and then mental problems, her life almost came to an abrupt end. Then came the miracles. Then came restoration.

This book is not written in the usual biography format, rather it illustrates her journey in such a way that the reader can experience their own supernatural journey into the presence of their Heavenly Father as they read. Discover how she overcomes impossible odds and how He reached down from heaven, lifted her out of the depths and restored her to new life!

Reaching out to our generation in the miraculous power of God! Life Changing Miracles, Today!
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A Movie In The Making!

Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life – The Movie!

Movie Screenplay Update!

Joseph attended the NALIP Movie Producers Conference in Hollywood June 6-9. He was able to gain some valuable insight, training, tools, and was able to connect with some producers, film makers, screen writers and others. Using these new relationships, he is working to complete the screenplay as he continues to promote the book and the movie.

Another Book To Read

Another book on the subject of gender issues was written by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield as she tells of her journey out. The title of the book is The Secret Thoughts Of An Unlikely Convert. There is hope, help, and love available. The Lord loves us all, no matter where we are with Him.

We Need Your Help!

We need your help to get the word out and together we can bring hope to those who need it! If you haven't read the book, you might want to do that and then share it with others. One of the greatest things we can share in our generation is HOPE! Own it today in print, the Kindle or the Nook! Order Info is on the left side of this webpage. Please contact us for more info, if you want to help, or for bookings to speak and minister. WE CARE!


At present, we do not have the capability to provide a 24/7 crisis hotline. We will reply via email to as many as we can who use our contact page. We travel and minister as we are able and we have published Janiece's story in book form and have produced the new JOURNEY TO HOPE! 7 DVD Series in order to reach beyond our personal and physical travel limitations.

The JOURNEY TO HOPE! 7 DVD Series has now been added to our YouTube Channel in 7 separate full-length videos to help as many as we can immediately. Click here to watch each video to receive some answers, encouragement, comfort and healing as Janiece shares her journey from a sentence of death from her doctors to victorious life.

Janiece's biography is Available In E-Book for immediate purchase and download to help those in need. It goes into a lot of detail about her story and includes necessary documentation for proof. The JOURNEY TO HOPE! 7 DVD Series is available for purchase at our online BZ store. If you are in a CRISIS SITUATION and need IMMEDIATE HELP, please contact an emergency outreach near you. Please don't make a permanent decision for a temporary storm! We care! Write to us and let us know how you are doing.

Songs by Joseph James

Joseph has written many songs of encouragement and is now recording them in his studio and uploading them to his YouTube channel. His newest song, encapsulates Janiece's journey in under 4 minutes, complete with photos and a short video clip. If you need encouragement or know someone who does, please watch, send the link, buy and download the music. Purchasing the songs helps them continue to get the word out and help others.


A song of Janiece's journey in under four minutes. Watch the incredible story from trauma, certain death to abundant life. Miracles are for everyone! Be encouraged! Listen to more of Joseph’s songs on his YouTube Channel: Joseph James Music


We can't ever underestimate the power of prayer and the intervention of angels in our life. If you have a loved one who needs help, pray. Angels are all around us to help. Joseph and Janiece have personally experienced the help of angels many times. Listen to more of Joseph’s songs on his YouTube Channel: Joseph James Music


Do you know of someone who is deep in depression and suicidal? Joseph and his wife minister to those going through dark times, because they've both been there and made it through. If you read Janiece's Biography, you will see that she's gone through multiple attempts in her past.

Joseph wrote this song to provide some choices along the way to suicide. What choice will we make? What choice will our friends make? Will we be able to recognize the signs and be able to help? Pass this song along to your friends. Sometimes we don't know how close those around us are to ending it all. It can happen in an instant, the result of some sudden traumatic change in a life. Choose life! Listen to more of Joseph’s songs on his YouTube Channel: Joseph James Music


One doesn't have to die in the place of broken dreams. We can get back up, pick up the pieces and Fly From Here! We hope this song encourages you to go on. Joseph has been there and he wrote this song to encourage others to still go for their dreams. Listen to more of Joseph’s songs on his YouTube Channel: Joseph James Music

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DVD Series (7 Discs)

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Journey To Hope DVD Series by Janiece Turner–Hartmann
Take A Journey Through
With Janiece As She Shares Her Miraculous Journey!

DISCOVER a WORLD seldom seen or experienced by most people. JANIECE takes us on a JOURNEY as she guides us through the DESIRES, FEARS, FAILURES, HOPES and VICTORIES she faced. THROUGH HER EYES, others can see HOW TO FACE these challenges with HOPE, UNDERSTANDING, DETERMINATION, and ENCOURAGEMENT, no matter how devastating oneís future looks. ONE OF THE GREATEST MIRACULOUS STORIES IN OUR GENERATION! For friends, families, churches or groups that are reaching out to others, her story will provide necessary INSIGHT in how to help. For victims, they will find ANSWERS…

* Special Bonus Music CD included by Joseph James

This 7 DVD video set will also be available in a 7 CD audio set soon. These are also available at JOURNEY TO HOPE! General and Special Meetings.

Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life

“Tell My People, I Love Them!”
The Janiece Turner Hartmann Story
SDDL Book Cover

One Woman’s Journey From Certain Death To Abundant Life! – The impossible and yet miraculous journey of one woman living in our generation that is destined to change the hearts of everyone it touches.

Every once in a while, a story comes along that is too awesome to believe, yet too well documented by so many witnesses to disprove. A story of the miraculous that shatters the voice of the unbelieving and one that compels the reader to go beyond their own opinions and beliefs and dare to enter the realm of life changing miracles!

Into the depths of the grave, destiny reaches out. Through all of the trauma, a twisted understanding of gender, depression, mental illness, multiple suicide attempts, and a prognosis of certain death, a voice is heard from heaven. After all have given up hope, the Creator Himself reaches down from His dwelling place and does the thing He does best, Restoration!

Her story has touched many lives already and has inspired them to reach higher and to believe in miracles. Even those who didnít believe in miracles could not deny what they have seen. He has proven His word again, for nothing is impossible for God. He still heals, saves, restores and delivers today!

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