Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life – DVDs / CDs Clips


DVD Series (7 Discs)

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Journey To Hope DVD Series by Janiece Turner–Hartmann
Take A Journey Through
With Janiece As She Shares Her Miraculous Journey!

DISCOVER a WORLD seldom seen or experienced by most people. JANIECE takes us on a JOURNEY as she guides us through the DESIRES, FEARS, FAILURES, HOPES and VICTORIES she faced. THROUGH HER EYES, others can see HOW TO FACE these challenges with HOPE, UNDERSTANDING, DETERMINATION, and ENCOURAGEMENT, no matter how devastating one’s future looks. ONE OF THE GREATEST MIRACULOUS STORIES IN OUR GENERATION! For friends, families, churches or groups that are reaching out to others, her story will provide necessary INSIGHT in how to help. For victims, they will find ANSWERS…